By Kate Oczypok

Ah, fall. Pumpkin spice lattes, cookies, muffins and more abound. If you’re looking to get into the fall spirit next time you’re out and about in this lovely city of ours, check out these pumpkin brews perfect for your next autumn outing.

Pittsburgh Brewing Company’s Block House Brewing Pumpkin AleThis sweet tasting fall beer is perfect for your next tailgate or Steeler party. Enjoy hints of cinnamon and graham crackers in this delicious autumn beer

.Pumpkin Beer in Pittsburgh

Church Brew Works’ Pumpkin Stout Chances are, you’ve paid a visit to this renovated church turned bar. Head down to Church Brew Works to enjoy their pumpkin stout, which has a certain caramel sweetness to it. It’ll be available until mid-October, so act fast!

Pumpkin Beer in Pittsburgh

Penn Brewery Pumpkin Roll AleHave you ever had a craving for a pumpkin cinnamon roll at your local bar but it just wasn’t on the menu? Fear not, the Penn Brewery Pumpkin Roll Ale is all that and more in liquid form. Enjoy creamy vanilla and rich graham cracker tastes perfect for an after dinner drink.

Pumpkin Beer in Pittsburgh

Spoonwood Brewing Company’s Cinnamon GhoulDon’t let the cute name fool you—Bethel Park’s Spoonwood Brewing Company’s Cinnamon Ghoul means business. It’s all the usual pumpkin ale flavors but it adds in a bit more nutmeg and ginger, making for a unique and spicy taste.  This is a wonderful pumpkin beer.

Pumpkin Beer in Pittsburgh

CoStar Brewery’s Pumpkin AleThis Highland Park brewery is often called one of Pittsburgh’s best-kept secrets. It’s no secret how tasty their pumpkin ale is. Using fresh, real pumpkins, this beer is not terribly sweet or too cinnamon-spicy. This is one of the closest tasting pumpkin beer in Pittsburgh.

Pumpkin Beer in Pittsburgh


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