Pittsburgh Suburbs: History of Blawnox

A Brief History of Blawnox

History of Blawnox

Blawnox is a borough in Allegheny County about 9 miles east up the Allegheny River from Pittsburgh. The history of Blawnox is unique.  It got its name from the Blaw-Knox Company which had a manufacturing plant in present day Blawnox. The plant took care of most of the town’s employment. Believe it or not, Blawnox was founded in the last 18th century and was called Hoboken. Steel was the neighborhood’s most popular industry, hosing the Blaw Steel Co. and the Knox Welded and Pressed Steel Co. Blaw Steel acquired Knox Welded and Pressed Steel Co. in 1917 and the two merged as the Blawknox Steel Construction Company. Blawnox was incorporated from O’Hara Township in April 1925.

Facts About Blawnox

History of Blawnox

As of the 2000 census, 1,550 people were living in Blawnox. There were 858 households and 15.6 percent of them had children under 18. Just over half the households were non-families. The median income for families in Blawnox was $43,500. Blawnox Borough is active online, with notices for yard sales, Pittsburgh area holidays and more. The community is currently working hard to become part of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, which runs about 24 miles through local Pittsburgh communities. Allegheny County Workhouse was a former prison near the area that opened in 1869 and closed in 1971. Surrounding communities include Harmarville and O’Hara Township.

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