Sure, we all believe Pittsburgh is a pretty amazing city. We managed to find some pretty interesting new trivia for you all—Pittsburgh firsts. The next time you want to impress newcomers, or remind Pittsburgh veterans of how awesome we are, bust out these fun facts about the ‘burgh!  Here are just a few of the things Pittsburgh did first!

1. We have the first team to win six Super Bowls.


That’s right, as the Steelers Polka says, “we’re from the town with that great football team.” The Steelers are the first team to earn six rings. Their sixth Super Bowl was back in 2009 versus the Arizona Cardinals, where they won 27 to 23.

2. The first Bingo game was played in the ‘burgh.


You wonder why there are so many opportunities to play Bingo in Pittsburgh! The game was born in the 1920s and originally used dried beans as markers. It was called “Beano” at the time.

3. Those pull tabs on pop and beer cans? Thank Pittsburgh.


In 1962 Alcoa invented pull tabs that we use on beer and pop cans today. They were then called “zip tops” and were first used by Pittsburgh’s own Iron City Brewery.

4. The first Big Macs were eaten here.


Jim Delligatti wanted to get more customers into his McDonald’s franchise with a delicious new and juicy burger. He invented the Big Mac and the Pittsburgher tested it out on locals. The rest is history.

5. We were among the first to incorporate Daylight Savings Time.


The extra daylight during these summer days is due to a Pittsburgh city councilman named Robert Garland. He came up with the country’s first Daylight Savings plan in the year 1918.

6. We are home to the first simultaneous heart, liver and kidney transplant.


Believe it or not, the first transplant of a heart, liver and kidney in one single operation was done at Presbyterian University Hospital as recent as 1989.

7. The first Mr. Yuk sticker was created in Pittsburgh.


Back in 1971, the Poison Center at Children’s Hospital said that the skull and crossbones symbol meant something adventurous to children. They ended up creating the bright sticker with a smiley face with its face in a “yuck” form.


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