There’s nothing as delicious as a good, old-fashioned cheeseburger, right? Eat it in an incredible, traditional city like Pittsburgh and you’ve got a memorable meal. We compiled seven great burgers in the ‘burgh. Don’t worry, if you don’t see your favorite on this list, we can do a follow-up “7 More Great Burgers” list soon!

1. The Bison Burger at Industry Public House

Great Burgers in Pittsburgh

A bison burger can be quite tasty, and the Industry Public House, with locations in North Fayette and Lawrenceville, doesn’t disappoint. It’s served with white cheddar, pepper jam, arugula and smoked sea salt.

2. Bacon and Bleu Burger at Tessaro’s

Great Burgers in Pittsburgh

There’s nothing more mouthwatering than the savory flavors of bleu cheese and bacon. Add a delicious all beef patty to that crispy bacon and creamy (or dry) bleu cheese and you’ve got a masterpiece. Tessaro’s burger with these ingredients is an incredible one and a definite must-try. Head on over to Bloomfield and enjoy!

3. The Pitts Burger at Burgher’s

Great Burgers in Pittsburgh

With burgers named after Pittsburgh neighborhoods, Burgher’s in Harmony and Lawrenceville is a must-try. Their “Pitts Burger” includes everything that makes a cheeseburger so juicy and deliicious. There’s savory cheddar, chilled slaw, a pickle, basil, onion and special sauce—follow up with a signature milkshake.

4. The Applebutter BBQ Burger at Applewood Smoke Burger

Great Burgers in Pittsburgh

Enjoy applewood smoked bacon, two onion rings, melted swiss and apple butter barbecue sauce on the Applebutter BBQ Burger at this Bryant Street spot. The little shop has incredible crispy fries (Cajun, bleu cheese, bacon cheese or plain cheese) to match its delicious burgers.

5. The Crab Shack at Burgatory

Great Burgers in Pittsburgh

The Crab Shack at Burgatory is for that time you just don’t feel like a traditional burger. It’s been a hot summer, so this patty made with fresh crab and topped with sriracha remoulade and creamy coleslaw makes for a refreshing treat on a hot day.

6. The Pitts-burger and Cheese at Primanti Bros.

Great Burgers in Pittsburgh

Often overlooked for their famous sandwiches, Primanti’s offers an incredible towering burger topped with extra melted cheese. Their signature fries can be put onto the burger too, should you desire.

7. BYOS at Stack’d Burgers

Great Burgers in Pittsburgh

The BYOS, or “Build Your Own Stack” burgers, are the perfect burger to grab if you like your burger a very specific way. Choose your bread, then your cheese, followed by your sauce and of course, top it all off. Toppings range from the more traditional onion rings or fried pickles to the more out there like fried pierogies and fried mac and cheese. Don’t forget to try their extra crispy tots.


Where’s your favorite place to grab a Pitts”burger”? Let us know in the comments!  And if your looking for more Pittsburgh Eats… check out our food and drink posts!



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