Colton and Trent Edwards are 16-year-old Franklin Regional high school students. They love to sing and dance and act—and are also currently on this season of America’s Got Talent on NBC as the act called “Mirror Image“. We caught up with Colton, Trent and their mom Gia ahead of the live shows (which they made it to!) on August 15th.

Mirror Image on America's Got Talent

PITTSBURGH BEAUTIFUL: We all want to know—how did you decide to audition for America’s Got Talent?
COLTON & TRENT: It’s always been a dream of ours. Our parents took us for our birthday and we did it and the rest is history.

PITTSBURGH BEAUTIFUL: What was the whole process like? Did you ever imagine you’d get to where you are today?
COLTON & TRENT: It’s like a really cool and long process, but it’s amazing. Honestly we would’ve never believed we would have made it this far. It was definitely a shock. We are very excited and happy to make it. Live shows are a super big deal and its at the Dolby and super big. We never ever thought we’d be performing on the Oscars stage!

PITTSBURGH BEAUTIFUL: Was your original perception of the judges changed after you audition? Whose first impression surprised you the most?
COLTON & TRENT: Simon is nicer in person and not as harsh as some say he is. The other judges are the same as you see on TV. They’re very fun and exciting. Mel is crazy, Heidi is super sweet and Howie is hilarious. They fit their molds pretty well. They’re definitely prettier in person!

PITTSBURGH BEAUTIFUL: If you make it through the live shows, what would you want the country to know about Pittsburgh?
COLTON & TRENT: Pittsburgh is an amazing city. It’s such a community and everyone is so proud and passionate for each other. It’s the happiest city in the world. We’ve gone to New York and LA but there is nothing like Pittsburgh.

PITTSBURGH BEAUTIFUL: How does it feel to be in the company of other famous Pittsburghers like Joe Manganiello and Franco Harris just to name a few?
COLTON & TRENT: We don’t consider ourselves famous in any means but we’re working hard to get there! We’ve wanted to be performers since we were young. We wanted to sing and perform as our career but mom was always like “be a doctor!”

Mirror Image on America's Got Talent

PITTSBURGH BEAUTIFUL: Have friends been excited about your newfound fame? What’s the craziest or funniest tweet, Facebook or Snapchat you’ve gotten?
COLTON & TRENT: Our friends love the show and are very supportive and excited for us. There are definitely some funny stories. Snapchat is the funniest. People have sent hysterical videos to us. I snapchatted someone back and they sent something back of their friends knocking things over in the kitchen and crying. That made my night. Also, we met someone on Instagram. It isn’t funny, but definitely sweet. There’s this one girl, her name is Julianna, she has a chromosome condition and has had multiple open heart surgeries and is the sweetest and most supportive person ever. We are planning on getting her tickets to the live shows.

PITTSBURGH BEAUTIFUL: This one’s for Mom. Did you grow up in Pittsburgh? How do you plan to keep that Pittsburgh “down to Earthness” in the boys as they continue to rise to fame?
I did grow up in Penn Hills. I plan on them continuing to do chores. I’m going to keep the yinz in the twins! I raised them to treat others how you’d want to be treated and respect others and to live your life and have fun doing it.

PITTSBURGH BEAUTIFUL: Last question for Mom. Were the boys always this energetic with their optimistic happiness growing up? It’s infectious!
They have always been very happy and positive and have had a lot of energy and a great sense of humor. They like to make people smile and have always been the exact same way. What you see is what you get, they’re as real as they get.

PITTSBURGH BEAUTIFUL: Regardless of what happens, what do you see happening with Mirror Image/would you consider getting into TV?
Literally anything performance-wise—Broadway, TV, movies, we’re open and not blocking ourselves off to anything.

Mirror Image on America's Got Talent

PITTSBURGH BEAUTIFUL: Finally, since we are a blog about the beauty of Pittsburgh, what do you think makes Pittsburgh Beautiful?
The people. Everyone is so supportive. There’s literally no one like the people of Pittsburgh.


To cheer for Mirror Image on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, watch the live shows beginning Tuesday August 15th at 8 p.m. 

Mirror Image’s original AGT audition is below:

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