Brothers Steve and Kevin Lowe are bringing their exciting photo contest to Pittsburgh this weekend. Their app SURCH is their first public launch after beta testing in smaller markets. They chose Pittsburgh for a three-day timed photo race. Through downloading the free app SURCH on their phones, users will be given five “vues” which are easily accessible public places or objects. Participants can then find the corresponding vue and snap a photo with the SURCH app. The race will begin at noon on Friday and finish at 6 p.m. Sunday night. The addictive game allows you to play for free but clues and boosts are available, which can help players get through the game faster. Each clue costs one search coin and it costs one dollar per coin. Spending a maximum $19.99 will get you every clue you’ll need to hopefully win the game.

“For less than a movie and popcorn, you can play an amazing game for an afternoon,” Steve said.

Steve and Kevin were born and raised in Baltimore (they can’t help it, Steve said). Their third partner Kim hails from Ohio and is a big Steelers fan, so hopefully that should make things okay, Steve said. The brothers were always creative and tech savvy growing up, even going so far as to creating a superhero called “Light Man,” where they could get power from by charging underneath a light that was under their kitchen cabinets. Working together as brothers is rewarding but not without the occasional squabble. Steve and Kevin have worked together in the past and enjoyed it so it was only natural to dive into SURCH together.

SURCH Pittsburgh

A self-professed serial entrepreneur, Steve never had any aspirations to start an app or game. Approximately 12 years ago, he helped start a church outside Baltimore and had an idea for a fundraiser that involved photos. It would have taken off, except 12 years ago, using a digital camera and e-mailing photos proved to be too tedious. Now that mobile phones are ubiquitous, the brothers are ready to launch in Pittsburgh.

You can download the app here. Did we mention first prize is $10,000, second prize is $1,000 and third place is $500? Not bad for playing a game!  SURCH Pittsburgh, enjoy and good luck!

The app and contest launch tomorrow… stay tuned for more!

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