SURCH, the new timed photo contest app, begins at 12 noon today. As we posted yesterday, brothers Steve and Kevin Lowe created the app that has residents race to five different “vues” around the city to snap photos of them using the SURCH app.

Our interview with the brothers continues here.

For those whose dreams it is to create an app or business, Kevin advises to stick with it even through the hard times. “I think of my first company, I didn’t get paid for three years,” he said. “This is Steve’s baby and I saw it’s a good idea, that’s why I decided to fund it.” Kevin added that it’s important for people to know the sacrifice they’ll need to make it to the point where their business is stable. “90 percent of businesses fail within three years,” he said. “It’s crazy stats but just keep plugging along and pursuing your dream even though people tell you it’s not going to work.”

Kevin and third partner Kim were the first two people Steve started talking to after rethinking of the app with smart phones. Kim was a partner in his other business and then he brought Kevin on to help back the product financially.

Right now, the brothers are only producing revenue with coin sales. They are considering selling possible ad space in the future once the concept is proven. Right now, you have the possibility of winning $10,000. 

More on how to win that ten grand here.

Read Part 1 of our SURCH Pittsburgh interview here.

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