If you haven’t joined the photo race to get $10,000, there’s still time! Brothers Steve and Kevin Lowe have brought their app SURCH Pittsburgh and you have a chance to win big. Just head to your carrier’s app store and search for SURCH. Good luck!

The third and last part of our interview with the Lowe brothers is here:

If you’re wondering more about the type of places that will be featured in the contest, Steve and Kevin suspect people will be driving to most of them. “They are all within city limits, we won’t have you driving out to the suburbs,” Steve said. “Everything will be publicly accessible—in fact, you can even play the entire game through public transport.”

Steve and Kevin have their eyes on expansion post-Pittsburgh. “We’re going to see how this goes, but we’ve got our eye on Houston as the next possible market,” Steve said. “We have a long list, our goal is to hit every major city in the U.S. as fast as we possibly can—we want to be as strategic as possible.” The brothers also see themselves one day expanding to dozens of different types of themed games, from national parks to Smithsonian Museums to Disney parks.

The brothers also hope to generate revenue through non-profits. Their thought process is that organizations can create their own races and proceeds generated from coins can go to the foundation. Their goal when they get to Houston is to work with the JJ Watt Foundation. Unfortunately, due to a late launch in Pittsburgh there wasn’t time to secure a local foundation. That being said, the Lowe brothers are still open to working with a local charity or non-profit, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

For more information and do download the app and join the SURCH, click here..

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