Pittsburgh Suburbs: History of Forward Township

A Brief History of Forward Township

history of Forward Township

Forward Township is in Allegheny County approximately 21 miles south of the City of Pittsburgh.   It got its name from Walter Forward, the U.S. Treasury Secretary from 1841 through 1843. Walter Forward was a member of the Pennsylvania constitutional convention in 1837 and played a large role in the establishment of the U.S. Whig Party in the 1830s.

He later became President Judge of Allegheny County in 1851. Forward actually died in 1852 and he never visited the place in his honor. In 1869, the area known as today’s Forward Township was actually broken off from Elizabeth Township. The earliest settlers hailed from New Jersey so they wanted to name it Jersey Township. Farming was the main activity of most residents and grist mills developed.

Facts about Forward Township

History of Forward Township

The township includes the community of Gallatin, PA which is the hometown of Ron Necciai, who was a baseball record holder. Forward is the most southern community in Allegheny County. It’s bordered by Elizabeth Borough to the north and Elizabeth Township to the east. Other communities that border Forward include Rostraver Township in Westmoreland County. The population was spread out, with 22.4 percent under age 18 and 27.7 percent ages 25 to 44. The next highest population ages are 65 and older. The median income for a household in was approximately $45,000.

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