Need something to do in Pittsburgh? Interested in scenic Pittsburgh views? Are you hungry and looking for great restaurants in Pittsburgh? All of these things and more are what make Pittsburgh a diverse and interesting city to visit. Pittsburgh Beautiful is a collection of everything that we, the Pittsburghers, love about our city. Check here regularly for updates on shopping in Pittsburgh, things to do in Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh events. If you’re looking for the best Pittsburgh neighborhoods, look no further!  We’ll even throw in a couple of cool Pittsburgh stories for yinz!

100 Reasons Why We’ll Never Stop Loving Pittsburgh

If you’re a Pittsburgher, no matter where you go in life you’ll always have a piece of the city with you, whether you stay there for life or you move away. Being born in Pittsburgh means having the soul of the city ingrained on your own soul. It sticks...

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A History of Phipps Conservatory

Photography above courtesy Emmanuel Fine Art Photography Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens When many of us think of Phipps Conservatory, we have fond memories of visiting the fragrant rooms filled to the brim with gorgeous plants and flowers. Phipps has been...

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7 Hidden Gems You’ve Probably Missed in Pittsburgh

If you’re tired of the same old places that everyone in the ‘burgh seems to frequent, we found some great hidden gems in Pittsburgh  that are perfect for when “your place” just won’t cut it. Who knows? One of these could become your new favorite! Gaucho Parrilla...

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Zeke Rambles On Baumann’s Rex

All Star team-ups are a bi-polar lot.  They are typically either amazing or a train wreck.  Think about it, musicians who don’t usually play together playing songs they don’t usually play or even know.  Every now and then something special happens. Think Sting with...

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7 of the Best Candy Shops in Pittsburgh

If you’re feeling extra “sweet” today, or perhaps want to stock up for Halloween,S&S visit one of these seven candy shops in and around Pittsburgh. 1. Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop If you want some serious nostalgia, visit Grandpa Joe’s in...

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5 Great Restaurants in Green Tree

Photo from Green Tree Borough Web Site Green Tree is a close-knit neighborhood with lots of family-run restaurants. Many have an Italian flair, some serve amazing coffee and others have delicious sandwiches. They all serve excellent dishes. 1. The Alcove This sandwich...

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Pittsburgh Jazz… Dwayne Dolphin is Indigenous

Local jazz legend Dwayne Dolphin has released his latest record, Indigenous.    As stated in the press release, Dolphin spans Smooth, Funk, Traditional Jazz, World, Brazilian, Cool Jazz, Dwayne Dolphin is a mainstay in the jazz scene, working with Pittsburgh greats...

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7 Places for Delicious Fall Food in Pittsburgh

Photo cred: @patrickmckain – Instagram The weather is finally (slowly but surely) starting to get cooler and the leaves are just beginning to change. If you’re craving autumnal foods we’ve got you covered. Here are seven places to get your fall food...

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4 Great Restaurants in Overbrook

The tight-knit Overbrook community has plenty of community restaurants to grab a bite to eat. 1. Getaway Café  This friendly neighborhood café likes to sell comfort food like buffalo chicken dip, soft pretzels and mozzarella sticks but also serves salads, hoagies,...

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Doors Open Pittsburgh: Featuring Penn Brewery

As part of DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh, an annual two-day event that provides unprecedented access to buildings around the city, we are featuring 20 of the many buildings participating. Today’s building is the Penn Brewery. You can take a virtual tour of the brewery...

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Doors Open Pittsburgh: Featuring PPG Place

As part of DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh, an annual two-day event that provides unprecedented access to buildings around the city, we are featuring 20 of the many buildings participating. Today’s building is PPG Place. A Brief History of PPG Place PPG Place is a complex...

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