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18 hours ago

Pittsburgh Beautiful

Strawberry moon from June 28th! ... See MoreSee Less

18 hours ago

Pittsburgh Beautiful

I took this on my stroll through Pittsburgh the other day. The Cathedral is such an awe-inspiring building. ... See MoreSee Less


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It looks great! When I lived in Pittsburgh in the 1960's, the building was actually black from the soot in the air. I returned many years later after it was cleaned and I was amazed - I thought it was naturally black! Now it looks better than ever! I'm getting homesick...

My wife works for Pitt in a bldg across from this...

Studied for my B.S. and MBA degrees in this magnificent building! Except it didn't have air conditioning then. Had to open windows!

Went to law school in this building.

Wow its so beautiful and humongous

Was my favorite place to go when my daughter went to Pitt!

I’ve heard it referred to as the Tower of Ignorance!

Love this pic! H2P❤

zIt is awesome, inside and out.

Took Grad classes 23rd floor '73,'74

So is Heinze Chapel.

Yes. Just beautiful

Awesome! H2P


1961 - 1963

Amazing photo

My alma mater


So beautiful

Carmen Zeuli, Lauren Nicolle

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Today’s ride through the Fort Pitt Tunnel and across the bridge. ... See MoreSee Less


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I hate long Bridges and tunnels. I would be a bit nervous, so ad a passenger, I would close my eyes bring all that.

One of the best views of Pittsburgh driving 🚗 thru the Fort Pitt tunnels and seeing Pittsburgh, this view never gets old, you never realize how beautiful it is until you move away from Pittsburgh☺

Thanks for sharing..always loved the ride thru the tunnel and then BOOM!..da 'BURGH...going to see a concert when I was younger..great memories..thanks!

At what time????? Sure isn't normal for PGH traffic - way too light

I'm from Cleveland, and I know I'm supposed to be hating on them because of the whole football thing, but I will have to admit, downtown Pittsburgh is absolutely breathtaking!

It is SO like magic when you come out of that tunnel and the city of Pittsburgh greets you. Love my hometown!! ❤️☀️😍

I drove to work everyday and never tired of that view as soon as you come out of the tunnel! Beautiful Pittsburgh ❤️

Never tire of viewing this ride.....brings back memories of the numerous times I made it myself! 👍🏻❣️

😍Thanks for the fond memory. I moved from Pittsburgh to Maui one yr. ago. I always loved that spectacular view of the Pittsburgh skyline when coming out of the tunnel but could never capture it..

Nothing more breath taking then to come through that tunnel at night and the whole city opens up to you

The first time I came through that tunnel, it's a wonder I didn't wreck. One of the most beautiful surprises ever. Thank you.

I adore Pittsburgh's front door... when you go through it, you're simply in awe. And even though I've driven through it thousands of times, it never gets old.

Nothing can match that view when you come out of the Ft Pitt Tunnel and see all of that beauty lying in front of you!

When I visit my hometown, I take the Parkway through the Fort Pitt tunnels and the view is timeless. So time to go through the 'northside', look at the old homesite and onward to visit the family.😎🏈⚾🍺

The view of this beautiful city as you come out of the tunnel is just gorgeous and never ceases to amaze me and make me smile!

Taking my daughter to school back in 1987 and the experience of coming through the tunnel with the city popping up before us....unforgettable. Never got old.

For those who first visit Pittsburgh and see this view coming out of the tunnel, it actually takes your breath away.

This is a beautiful. City There is a restaurant called the Carlton Hotel we go on special occasions An the food is fabulous if your ever in Pittsburgh maybe you would love too have dinner there

It is beautiful. I was flying coming home from Florida one Christmas at night and we flew over a bridge and could see the football stadium lite up. It was awesome.

It is a beautiful view. when We lived in Cincinnati and would drive that way to get to our hometown of McKeesport, I would realize how beautiful downtown Pittsburgh is and how awful M cKeesport has become.

Surprise package always waiting whe you get through the Fort Pitt tunnels. Beautiful package always there for those that choose to enjoy.

The Burg's secret entrance, mountains to city in minutes. Born there and will always be on awe of the FP tunnel...........

This is a nice video but should have panned left to see the stadiums and the fountain at the point and to the right for the rest of our beautiful city . Understandable though if trying to keep your eyes on the road too.

Always great to view. Perhaps a new video series going from the bridge into downtown, others going west, northwest pass football stadium and baseball stadium, up 28 etc.?

Turn right to Monroeville & Turtle Creek, my Home. All the Mills along the riverbank are gone now! Sad but cleaner!! Enjoy the ride!

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North Park Lake. ... See MoreSee Less


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Spent many happy hours walking around it with my friends!

Love North Park! Spent many many hours hanging out in, on and around the lake 🙂

It is in Pittsburgh of course it is Beautiful


Gorgeous !!!

Its not there anymore, is it?


So beautful there

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2 days ago

Pittsburgh Beautiful

Found an old project from my photography class. {Union station} ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Pittsburgh Beautiful

Bridges on the Allegheny at sunrise. ... See MoreSee Less


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Wow ... wonderful shot!

2 days ago

Pittsburgh Beautiful

... See MoreSee Less

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