South Side

South Side

The South Side, a neighborhood located across from downtown Pittsburgh, is divided into two sub-neighborhoods, the Flats and the Slopes. East Carson Street, the main road through this vibrant neighborhood, is a thriving commercial district. The area is also home to almost 100 bars and pubs, making it a well-known neighborhood to visit for a fun night out. The South Side was originally known as the village of Birmingham, annexed to Pittsburgh in 1872. It was settled by German and Eastern European immigrants who came to Pittsburgh to work.
The immigrants who came to work on the South Side made it a central place for industry, including the Jones and Laughlin Steel Company, which closed in the 1980s and redeveloped. There’s also the 1906 completion of the construction of the Pittsburgh Terminal Properties, which made it the largest warehouse between New York and Chicago.

This area has been known as a trendy area of Pittsburgh for many years.  Visitors from around the world travel here to shop, dine and socialize.  Many large projects consisting of commercial, retail and residential development have been completed or are currently underway.

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