Need something to do in Pittsburgh? Interested in scenic Pittsburgh views? Are you hungry and looking for great restaurants in Pittsburgh? All of these things and more are what make Pittsburgh a diverse and interesting city to visit. Pittsburgh Beautiful is a collection of everything that we, the Pittsburghers, love about our city. Check here regularly for updates on shopping in Pittsburgh, things to do in Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh events. If you’re looking for the best Pittsburgh neighborhoods, look no further!  We’ll even throw in a couple of cool Pittsburgh stories for yinz!

Did the Pirates Sink The Ship?

Well, the trade deadline came... and went.   Seriously... did anyone really think the Pirates were going to make a real move?  Sure... Dickerson is gone.  They gave him away.  That's not a move.  Yeah... they tried to move Vasquez... but...

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Time to scrap the Buccos

The trade deadline is almost here. Moio has a few thoughts on starting over for the Pirates and a couple thoughts on Steelers Training camp. It’s early, folks. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:...

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BONUS EPISODE Steelers Training Camp Preview

Wash your Bettis jersey, clean up that Terrible Towel, throw the flag in the car window and get ready for some football!  On this special BONUS episode of the Pittsburgh Beautiful podcast, Dave and I talk about the state of the Steelers.  What can we expect...

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Steel This Podcast

This week my guest is John Dubosky, the publisher of Steel This Magazine, a local Pittsburgh-centric publication that doubles as a coupon clippers holy grail.  You may see his mag a various coffee shops, cigar bars, boutiques and hot spots around the city....

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New Yorkers Travel to Pittsburgh?

Would a New Yorker actually choose Pittsburgh as a destination for vacation?  The answer is apparently... YES.  Pittsburgh Beautiful interviews Scott Walters, of, about why, as a travel agent, he recommends Pittsburgh to many of his...

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5 Things to do in Shadyside

Shadyside is a neighborhood with lots to do. There are fun shops like Kards Unlimited, delicious food like Mercurio's and plenty of art and culture to take in too—the Jam on Walnut and Pittsburgh Center for the Arts are great choices. Here are just five of the many...

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Pittsburgh Beautiful Trailer

Pittsburgh!  Welcome to the Pittsburgh Beautiful Podcast.  We will talk about all things related to our beautiful city...  and instead of the average interview, we'll have guests that were born, bred, live, work, breathe and maybe even eat... all things...

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Best Desserts in Pittsburgh

Looking for the best desserts in Pittsburgh?  Check these out for starters: Peace, Love and Little Donuts S’Mores Donut Is there anything better than a delicious s’more donut?  Graham cracker crumbles, chocolate drizzle and warm dough make this the perfect treat to...

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