Need something to do in Pittsburgh? Interested in scenic Pittsburgh views? Are you hungry and looking for great restaurants in Pittsburgh? All of these things and more are what make Pittsburgh a diverse and interesting city to visit. Pittsburgh Beautiful is a collection of everything that we, the Pittsburghers, love about our city. Check here regularly for updates on shopping in Pittsburgh, things to do in Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh events. If you’re looking for the best Pittsburgh neighborhoods, look no further!  We’ll even throw in a couple of cool Pittsburgh stories for yinz!

Guitar Zack is Back

Misaligned Mind I first saw Guitar Zack when he was just 15 years old at Excuses Bar.  Even then he had jaws on the floor.  Since then he’s gone on to win the Albert King Award in 2006 and performed with B. B. King, Jill West and Blues Attack, Bruce Springsteen,...

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A Very Pittsburgh Holiday Letter

Remember those holiday letters that your family used to get growing up? Perhaps maybe you’ve started to write similar ones yourself. Here’s one we made up just for your holiday enjoyment (and maybe a laugh or two!). Happy holidays Pittsburgh! Dear Aunt...

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A Rat in Penguinville?

Call it a hunch. A feeling. Maybe I’m wrong. Reading too much into something simple. Or maybe not. I sense a rift, if you will, an imbalance in the Penguins’ cosmos between the head coach and the general manager. I have been feeling this for weeks, really since the...

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