Wow… what a year for Pittsburgh, and what a year for Pittsburgh Beautiful! As this incredible region and city grows, so do the legions of many, many fans.  Here are 5 of the reasons the team at Pittsburgh Beautiful is thankful for 2016… and looking forward to 2017!


Thankful Pittsburgh Beautiful Kids
Pittsburgh Beautiful Penguins Fans

As of this writing, Pittsburgh Beautiful has grown from just under 2000 Facebook Followers to begin 2016 to almost 90,000 today! That’s 4500% growth this year alone.  We’d like to think it’s because we’re so charming and engaging… but we know that’s not the real reason.  It’s because of the next 4 reasons we are so thankful for this year…


Pittsburgh Beautiful Rainbow
Pittsburgh Beautiful Fireworks

Our fans have submitted over 5,000 beautiful pictures of our city this year on our Facebook and Instagram pages alone.  Each and every one is special in its own way.  These pictures have inspired over 2.5 million reactions, likes, comments and shares this year!


JC McGreehan is Pittsburgh Beautiful
Emmanuel Panagiotakis Photography is Pittsburgh Beautiful

Many professional and amateur photographers alike have found Pittsburgh Beautiful as a great place to display their work.  We are so thankful that they have chosen this outlet to highlight and promote the incredible visual story that Pittsburgh, and Pittsburghers, have to tell!


Edward Coll Photography is Pittsburgh Beautiful
Pittsburgh Beautiful Skyline at Night

Ah, yes… the Steel City, the City of Bridges, the house that Pitt built… what and where would any of us be without this stunning place we call home?  It is for Pittsburgh that we work, and for us that Pittsburgh exists.  Forged from the fires of early mining and steel mill operations, building America into what she is today… Our city is once again transforming itself through a modern renaissance… a blending of old and new, history and the future merging into one.  We are all responsible for not only preserving Pittsburgh’s proud history, but also engaging that very history to guide and move this great American city into it’s proud and destined future… more greatness to come!


Pittsburgh Beautiful Terrible Towel
Pittsburgh Beautiful Point
Pittsburgh Beautiful Kiss From Mt. Washington

Yep.  Each and every one of us… each and very one of YOU!  Whether you are a 3rd, 4th or 5th generation Pittsburgher, a transplant, a Yinzer… it matters not. This city is what and who she is… because of you, the Pittsburghers!  And thus, Pittsburgh Beautiful is most thankful for everyone who has ever and will ever work to make Pittsburgh, well… BEAUTIFUL.

Happy New Year!

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