Believe it or not, there’s just a few short weeks until the Steelers season kicks off. If you aren’t excited already, we’ve put together 5 reasons to get all geared up for the 2017-2018 season. “I’ve got a feeling…” You know the rest!

1. They’ve had a successful offseason.

Steelers Season

According to, the Steelers have done everything right this offseason. They selected an apprentice to Big Ben, Josh Dobbs and managed to keep Martavis Bryant. They’re banking on young players like James Connor and Vince Williams to make big moves this season.

2. Their defense has reached epic proportions.

Steelers Season

Trust me, you don’t want to get these guys angry. Behind the Steel Curtain has dubbed the Steelers’ defense “title-caliber.” With Cam Heyward, Ryan Shazier and others truly coming into their own this season, a Super Bowl could be around the corner.

3. The Steelers are on the NFL MVP odds list.

Steelers Season

True, it’s awfully early yet but the Steelers have made Vegas MVP odds lists. The last time a Steeler won NFL MVP was Terry Bradshaw back in ’78. The lone other Steeler to take the prize was Bill Dudley in 1946. This year, Big Ben clocks in as the number four favorite with 10-1 odds, USA Today’s Steelers Wire reported. Le’Veon Bell has 33-1 odds and Antonio Brown has 50-1 odds.

4. Our rookies are going to be entertaining.

Steelers Season

Sure, T.J. Watt is nice to look at (right ladies?) but he will be a force to be reckoned with on the field. Along with JuJu Smith-Schuster, who recently posted a ridiculously good highlight reel from his days at USC, and James Conner, who is actually a local from Erie, the rookies will be quite the bunch this year.

5. Great Rivalries.

Steelers Season

The Ravens and Bengals games are always ones to mark on the calendar every year. In case you’re wondering, Ravens are in October and the Bengals are in December. More info on the schedule can be found here.

Training camp and and the upcoming season are always the beginning of a Steelers Fan’s frenzy!  You may have friends who tell you they “like” the Steelers (although that sounds like an impossibility…  you never just “like” the Stillers… you love them!) …  show them why You Know You’re A Steelers Fan.

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