Oakland is a cultural mecca full of delicious food of all kinds. Whether you’re craving Indian food, Mexican or Asian, there’s something for everyone.  Here are a few of the unique restaurants in Oakland near Pitt and CMU you have to try.

1. Bangal Kabab House

Restaurants in Oakland

Bengal’s modern interpretation of classic Indian dishes has been in the Pittsburgh area for years. Enjoy a whopping six different types of biryani, soups, veggies and of the ever present delicious naan. More information on Bangal Kabab House can be found HERE.

2. Yuva Indian Kitchen + Bar

Restaurants in Oakland

Another Indian restaurant worth trying in Oakland is Yuva. Delicious samosas start you off. Their lamb curry is to die for and as far as desserts, you can’t miss the kheer, an Indian rice pudding. More information on Yuva Indian Kitchen + Bar can be found HERE.

3. Tamarind Flavor of India

Restaurants in Oakland

The final in the great trifecta of delicious Indian food in Oakland, Tamarind is home to melt-in-your-mouth, incredible dosas. The peanut dosas are truly a standout, served with peanut chutney and coated with thin crepes of lentil and rice. Grab a mango shake to cool down after the spicy flavors. More information on Tamarind Flavor of India can be found HERE.

4. Lulu’s Noodles

Restaurants in Oakland

The icon that is Lulu’s Noodles has been a staple in the Oakland area for years. Home to Asian dishes like Hawaiian fried rice or the usual chicken and broccoli, it’s a great place to stop by for a good, quick meal. Their egg rolls and spring rolls are incredible. Don’t forget to pick up a mango slush on a hot summer day in Oakland too! More information on Lulu’s Noodles can be found HERE.

There are so many great places to eat in Pittsburgh, it’s hard to put them all one one list, but we are trying.  If you are not looking for a restaurant in Oakland near Pitt or CMU, you can find great restaurants from all around Pittsburgh for just about any meal or occasion in our guide to the best Pittsburgh restaurants.

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