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Pittsburgh just keeps getting more and more recognition. Whether it’s number one in fan engagement or being a great budget-friendly vacation city, there’s so many reasons our great city is the best.

1. Our sports teams have recently earned some accolades.

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Pittsburgh is right behind the Packers’ home city of Green Bay when it comes to overall performance level for NFL fans (we think WalletHub calculated this wrong…Steeler fans are obviously #1!). However, we did get number one in fan engagement.

2. National Geographic loves us.

National Geographic named our city one of the 30 best in the U.S. They based it on things like galleries, green spaces, breweries and more. We all know Pittsburgh has lots of those!

3. We’re a great alternative to NYC.

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That’s right, if New York City is not in your budget, U.S. News and World Report named Pittsburgh a great alternative to NYC.

4. We have some of the coolest neighborhoods in America right now.

Squirrel Hill was named number three for neighborhoods that “have it all.” Meanwhile, East Liberty and Lawrenceville are number one in the top 10 coolest neighborhoods in the U.S.  Here’s a list of all Pittsburgh Neighborhoods and Pittsburgh Suburbs.

5. Sorry Philly–we have the hippest city in PA.

That’s right, we now have the accolade of Hippest City in the state of Pennsylvania.

6. Our casino is award-winning.

Last year, Rivers Casino won six Romero awards for casino marketing. They were awarded in categories like online marketing and casino floor promotions.

7. We’re a great place for buying a home.

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Pittsburgh is often awarded on lists for great places for millennials. Niche is the latest to rank Pittsburgh on a list of “Best Cities to Buy a House in America.” If you’re a millennial looking for great listings for your first-time home, check out Pittsburgh Property Diva.

*information compiled from Visit Pittsburgh.

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