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We’re back with another week of women-owned businesses in the ‘burgh. As part of a Women’s History Month series, every week in March we are featuring a handful of women-owned businesses in our city. If you know some, let us know in the comments! In the meantime, check out these seven unique businesses.

1. Pear & the Pickle

Women-Owned Businesses in Pittsburgh

Alexis is co-owner of this cozy neighborhood café, along with her husband Bobby. Enjoy a variety of Stumptown coffee and bodega-style breakfast sandwiches. Pear & the Pickle also hosts a Saturday Supper series periodically throughout the year. More information on Pear & the Pickle can be found here.

2. Highway Robbery Vintage

Women-Owned Businesses in Pittsburgh

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Highway Robbery Vintage opened in September 2011. The shop’s goal is to provide a selection that is both unique and affordable. They specialize in vintage clothing and accessories for both men and women. The shop’s years they offer include items from the 1950s to the early ’90s. More information on Highway Robbery Vintage can be found here.

3. Inhale Yoga Pittsburgh

Women-Owned Businesses in Pittsburgh

Janna Hockenjos is the owner of Inhale Yoga. She discovered yoga at age 13, when she taught herself how to get into a headstand from a book about yoga. She did an apprenticeship with Mala Yoga in Brooklyn, NYC in 2012. She teaches a vinyasa yoga class and outside of her regular class schedule, Janna specializes in teaching yoga to those living with PTSD and brain injuries. More information on Inhale Yoga Pittsburgh can be found here.

4. Nadine’s

Women-Owned Businesses in Pittsburgh

The Southside staple has been serving Pittsburgh since 2001. Nadine’s is famous—The Food Network has featured Nadine’s pasta before! Their daily specials are comfort food at its finest: hot turkey and gravy, meatball sandwiches, spaghetti and more. Their jumbo beer-battered fish sandwich is a great Lenten Friday choice too. More information on Nadine’s can be found here.

5. Allegheny Wine Mixer

Women-Owned Businesses in Pittsburgh

This low-key, relaxing bar is owned by Jamie Patten. They serve wine (of course) and cocktails with whimsical nicknames like “Giggle Water,” made with gin, pear, lemon, cardamom and Prosecco. There’s also lots of eats at Allegheny Wine Mixer, like gourmet meats and cheese and toasts, like bacon, gouda and jalapeño on Texas toast. More information on Allegheny Wine Mixer can be found here.

6. Crystal Bead Bazaar

Women-Owned Businesses in Pittsburgh

At Crystal Bead Bazaar, it’s all about the beads. The business first began in 2003 when Joanne Yalch could not find cones for beading. Crystal Bead Bazaar was born and beaders, wireworkers and knitters from all around the state flocked to the store for supplies and inspiration. In 2017, Trish Kroboth and her family bought the business, striving to continue Joanne’s legacy. More information on Crystal Bead Bazaar can be found here.

7. The Center for Structural Wellness

Women-Owned Businesses in Pittsburgh

L’aura Marie Campisi (or L’), is the founder of The Center for Structural Wellness. She has been working in mind-body education for over two decades. Campisi started yoga at age 18 and originally came from a gymnastics background. She moved out west around five years after first beginning yoga and ended up coming back to Pittsburgh to open her business. At the Center for Structural Wellness, the emphasis is on Structural Integration (aka rolfing), RolfYoga,  sustainable lifestyle choices and cleaning. More information on the Center for Structural Wellness can be found here.



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