My Peak of the week this week is one familiar to most Pittsburgh music fans.  The 20th annual D-Jam concert taking place this Saturday

at the Rex. That’s tomorrow!  As usual the music will be provided by area jam band theCAUSE this year featuring Jeff Mattson and Lisa Mackey from Dark Star Orchestra, Randy Baumann from WDVE , Kip Lieber, Bill Maruca, and Mark Demeno.   theCAUSE are a fantastic Greatful Dead inspired Jam band consisting of Eric “Pappy” Weingrad (guitar/vocals), Jill Paone Simmons (vocals), Mike South (drums), and David Tauberg (bass/vocals).

The “Cause” for the evening is Just Harvest. They address hunger in Allegheny County at its root – economic injustice – through a focus on public policy, food access, and community power.   Just Harvest has spent over 30 years following through on its mission of community organizing, communication, and service.

Past beneficiaries of the event include: The Greater Pittsburgh Area; Food Bank, and The Women’s Center and Shelter. The previous shows have raised over 100,000 dollars.

According to the band’s website the following musicians have participated over the years:

John Talent
Cherylann Hawk
DeAnna Denning
Big Jake Robinson
Nathan Wilson
Rob Grano
Michael Floccari
Sam Satlerr
Leslie Mitchell
Hank Jergel
Left For Dead
Powers Run Band
Howie Daniels
Jonathan Daniels
Chris Mitchell
The Bridge
David Wells
Alan Harris
Mike Boyer
David Granati
Scott and Lisa Silverman
Nicole Granati
Dave Iglar
Mark DeMeno
Laura Daniels
Andrea Pearl
Andrea Iglar
Deanna Dean
Alison McTavish
Patti Spadaro
Joe Walsh (the other Joe Walsh)
Kevin Ondriezek
Mark Weakland
Brad Yoder
Norman Nardini
Joel Lindsey
Eugene Morgan
Patricia Imbrogno
Peter Flynn
Alex Talbot
Marcy Brown
Cheryl Rinovato
Steve Kimock
Jeff Mattson
Lisa Ann Mackey
Bill Maruca
Randy Baumann
Mike Tony
Jill Paone Simmons
Mike South
Eric Weingrad

and of course David Tauberg who is the D in D jam.  He actually started the event before he started the band.   He says he has been working on the show since November and the best part is playing the music.

Tickets are available at please support this fantastic event for an even better cause.

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