We all know Pittsburgh is a beautiful and unique city, unlike any other in the country (or the world!). Along with other hidden gems in Pittsburgh, there are gardens, statues, memorials, tributes and more that make us a truly special city. Here are some unique outdoor places in Pittsburgh that we think are worth mentioning. Perhaps you’ve visited them recently, or haven’t been in years. What are some of your favorite beautiful outdoor places in Pittsburgh to visit? Share with us below!

Mr. Rogers’ Memorial Statue

No other city has a memorial quite like this one. Our 10-foot tall tribute statue to Mr. Rogers, the grandpa we all grew up with, is in an easily accessible place—in between Heinz Field and PNC Park. The sculpture artist Robert Berks created the piece that was unveiled to the Pittsburgh public in 2009.

beautiful outdoor places in Pittsburgh

Dippy the Dinosaur 

Who doesn’t know the giant dinosaur outside the Carnegie Museum of Natural History? The Diplodocus carnegii, or to us, Dippy, is a 22-foot tall fiberglass dinosaur named after Andrew Carnegie. Dippy’s been around since 1999 and has been the delight of many children gazing up at his gigantic Terrible Towel or when it’s cold, a scarf just his size.

beautiful outdoor places in Pittsburgh

The Lozziwurm 

The Carnegie Museum of Art is home to this curving, winding structure where kids can hide and play for hours (okay, it’s free and open to the public during museum hours). Once kids are old enough, head into the art museum

beautiful outdoor places in Pittsburgh

Discovery Garden at Phipps’ Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

 Phipps’ Conservatory and Botanical Gardens always used to be one of my all-time favorite places to visit as a kid and teen. The space lets kids use their senses as they learn about basic biological terms like the cycle of life and being kind to the environment. In addition to the Discovery Garden, their Light Garden around the holidays is something unique and breathtaking. It definitely puts me in the holiday spirit every year!

beautiful outdoor places in Pittsburgh

Point State Park

 Honestly where else can you find something as unique as a park located at the confluence of three rivers? Point State Park is also historical—it honors the strategic and historic heritage of the area during the French and Indian War. Now, guests can boat, hike, or bike through the historic grounds. Don’t forget about the grand Christmas tree too during the holiday season. Aside from being one of the beautiful outdoor places in Pittsburgh, Point State Park is also on our list of Scenic Views In Pittsburgh.

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