Want to get in shape? Or perhaps maybe you’re just ready to get out and about after a long winter? You’ll want to read up on these nine amazing trails and routes in the Pittsburgh area perfect for getting out and enjoying some outdoor time.

1. Three Rivers Heritage Trail

Trails in Pittsburgh

The Three Rivers Heritage Trail is a multi-use riverfront trail system. It consists of a 24-mile nonlinear trail with segments on both banks of Pittsburgh’s three rivers. The trail is also the Pittsburgh hub for connections like the Erie to Pittsburgh trail and a future connection to the Montour Trail and the Ohio River Greenway Trail. In 2010, the trail was awarded National Recreation Trail status by the Department of the Interior.

Want to get on the trail? More info can be found HERE.

2. Great Allegheny Passage

Trails in Pittsburgh

This gorgeous passage goes over valleys, around mountains and along rivers. Dubbed America’s friendliest long-distance trail, it measures 150 miles from Cumberland, MD to Pittsburgh. The best part of it all is that it’s mostly level. Cyclists can go through the Cumberland Narrows and cross the Mason-Dixon Line. They can also head through Ohiopyle State Park and end at Point State Park. For the ultimate spring adventure, the Allegheny Passage is a great idea for some outdoor fun for nature lovers.

Want to hike the passage? More info can be found HERE.

3. Riverview Park

Trails in Pittsburgh

Riverview Park is one of the most historical on this list. It was created in 1894 and formed largely from farmland. Today, the 259-acre park is known for its wooded trails and steep hillsides. It’s also home to the Allegheny Observatory and a popular two-mile Riverview loop perfect for walking or jogging.

Want to visit Riverview Park? More info can be found HERE.

4. Montour Trail

Trails in Pittsburgh

The Montour Trail is currently undergoing renovations to make it even longer—47.4 miles from Coraopolis to Clairton. There’s a 6.3 mile part of the trail near mile 7.8 that actually directly connects to a parking lot at Pittsburgh International Airport on a low use secondary road. The trail also connects to the Great Allegheny Passage.

Want to jog the Montour Trail? More info can be found HERE.

5. Universities Loop

The University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University are just blocks apart and make for an easy run around the Oakland area of the city. Don’t forget to stop and look at the beauty around you, like the Cathedral of Learning and Dippy the Dinosaur.

Want to walk the universities loop? More info can be found HERE.

6. Schenley Park

Trails in Pittsburgh

Schenley Park is one of the most scenic places in Pittsburgh. Enjoy running around iconic Pittsburgh sites like Phipps Conservatory, Flagstaff Hill and more. It’s always quite populated, so if you love a friendly wave or hello as you’re running by, this is the place for you.

Want to experience Schenley Park’s trails? More info can be found HERE.

7. Southside Riverfront Trail

Trails in Pittsburgh

This trail is popular with joggers, bikers, dog walkers and more. It’s five miles long and ends at Riverfront Park near 18th St. in the South Side. The trail is owned and managed by the City of Pittsburgh and was expanded in the late ’90s.

Want to try out the Southside Riverfront Trail? More info can be found HERE.

8. Lawrenceville into the Strip

This Pittsburgh Magazine recommended route is approximately three miles and starts at Butler and 39th Streets. If you want to make it a leisurely walk, stop and enjoy and of the shops and restaurants along the way, like Pamela’s or Coca CafĂ© or Franktuary.

Want to walk this tantalizing route? More info can be found HERE.

9. North Park

Trails in Pittsburgh

North Park includes 3,075 acres in Hampton, McCandless and Pine Township with plenty of trails for getting a good solid run or jog in. It’s open daily from dawn until midnight and is absolutely gorgeous in the springtime.

Want to check out North Park? More info can be found HERE.

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