Anyone who has lived in Pittsburgh and taken a car ride (most likely everyone) has experienced the view from the Fort Pitt Tunnel of the downtown Pittsburgh skyline as you cross the Fort Pitt Bridge into town.  It’s legendary.  It’s famous.  It’s one of the first things visitors see when travelling into town from the Pittsburgh International Airport.  It’s… Pittsburgh Beautiful.    So beautiful, in fact, that it’s one of the most requested #LiveDrives we receive!   Here is just one of those drives through the Fort Pitt Tunnel to see the city after you exit.

The Fort Pitt Tunnel runs under Mount Washington.  It’s connected to downtown Pittsburgh via the Fort Pitt Bridge.  The inbound part of the tunnel provides the incredible view of Pittsburgh as you exit onto the upper deck of the Fort Pitt Bridge headed into town.  The lower deck of the bridge flows outward into the tunnel heading south out of Pittsburgh.    The inbound view of Pittsburgh from the Fort Pitt Tunnel is literally the first view a visitor sees of the actual city of Pittsburgh, with the Point, the bridges and three rivers.

Fort Pitt Tunnel

Before the tunnel existed, commuters from the South Hills of Pittsburgh would travel around Banksville Circle (Banksville Road and Saw Mill Run Blvd.).    The need for the tunnels entering and exiting Pittsburgh was quite obvious, so plans were designed in the early 1950s and the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the Fort Pitt Tunnel was held on April 17, 1957.  Actual construction of the tunnel began in late August of the same year.    On September 1, 1960, the Fort Pitt Tunnels officially opened and traffic began to flow.   The legendary view of Pittsburgh through the Fort Pitt Tunnel was born!Along with requests to show pictures of Pittsburgh with the Fort Pitt Tunnel view and videos of the tunnel in general, we get asked to show the same view of Pittsburgh through the tunnel at night.  You’re in luck… you can see it right here!

Let us know what your favorite view of Pittsburgh is… even if it’s also the view of Pittsburgh coming out of the Fort Pitt Tunnel.  And don’t forget to share your pictures with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Fort Pitt Tunnel

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