Pittsburgh Beautiful Media Platform

One Platform.   Many Options.   Pittsburgh Business Advertising Was Never This Easy.

Pittsburgh Beautiful is the largest and most engaged media platform dedicated to the Pittsburgh Region.   We’ve built an incredibly engaged community of followers through many lines of business, so you can take your Pittsburgh brand to every corner of this market!  Social media, website visitors, podcasts, videos and more.   Advertise your service on Pittsburgh Beautiful to any one of these lines.  Or all of them!

Advertising to the Pittsburgh Region has never been easier!   We’ve built the Pittsburgh Beautiful platform over the last 10 years to reach every kind of client or customer in every demographic.   Pittsburgh Beautiful has opportunities to reach your customers via Social Media, The App for iPhone and Android, Podcasting, Videography or Website/Blog Posting.  Our social media platform reached over 14.7 MILLION potential customers in 2019 alone… and that was JUST our Facebook page.   You can see the statistics in the chart to the right.  

Put your Pittsburgh Business on the map with a link from one of our neighborhood pages for a year for a one time fee.  Advertise on one of the 14 podcasts in our network.   Post social on any of our social media platforms. 300,000 Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Twitter and YouTube followers, combined with almost 3 MILLION impressions each month positions Pittsburgh Beautiful as Pittsburgh’s fastest growing advertising and media platform.  And there’s more to come!

Each neighborhood page will have 3 links available, no more at any time.  So if you have a Pittsburgh restaurant, shop or business that caters to the Pittsburgh Beautiful follower/reader… don’t miss out on this opportunity to be featured on YOUR Pittsburgh Neighborhood page!

Don’t wait… contact us below! Sponsored links on our neighborhood pages are in high demand, and will go fast.

Grow with us and help make Pittsburgh Beautiful!


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