The senseless tragedy at Tree of Life Synagogue has left many of us feeling helpless. We put together five ways to honor Tree of Life Synagogue victims and their families, whether through donating your time, money or blood or just by simply being kind.

1. Donate blood

Donating blood to help those who were injured, or even others not associated with the tragedy is a great way to honor those who died. To donate blood visit this website:

2. Donate to Tree of Life’s GoFundMe Page

This page: has been verified as a GoFundMe Certified Charity Campaign. The drive is meant to help with the physical damage to the synagogue and to help survivors and victims.

3. Get involved with #OnePittsburgh

Consider getting involved as a benefactor or a sponsor to help promote kindness, friendship, cooperation and goodwill across our community and beyond. The foundation is hoping to bring Pittsburghers of every generation, ethnicity, religion and economic class together. More on OnePittsburgh can be found here.

4. Use your talents for the community

If you play an instrument, consider visiting your local senior citizens center to play some songs for them. If you enjoy being social, volunteer at a soup kitchen. If you like to bake, deliver some fresh baked goods to your local Jewish Community Center.

5. Be kind

This one is so easy to do. Try making someone’s day just a bit kinder in the smallest of ways—write a thank you note to the Pittsburgh police who responded to the tragedy, hold the door open, compliment someone, simply say thank you when you get your morning coffee. By being kind, we will all stay united as one for a more peaceful Pittsburgh and a more peaceful world.

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