Donut cravings come on with such intensity, sometimes you just have to have one.  The best donuts in Pittsburgh are not that hard to find.. it’s a good thing Pittsburgh has some absolutely incredible options. We picked seven of what we think  definitely amount to  the best donuts in Pittsburgh, but, let us know if your favorite isn’t on this list—you may see it later on!

1. Prantl’s Glazed Pretzel Donut

Delicious Donuts in Pittsburgh

Sure, they may be famous for their burnt almond torte but did you know they make some decadently sweet donuts? Their glazed doughnut pretzel donuts are worth the trip to Walnut St. in Shadyside or downtown on Market St. Their unique take involving twisting the donut into a pretzel shape makes it not only more fun but easily shareable too.  More info here.

2. Mac’s Donut Shop’s Steeler Doughnuts

Delicious Donuts in Pittsburgh

Steelers doughnuts at this shop are huge bestsellers during football season. The Aliquippa sweet shop’s confections are classic, with a twist. The black and gold doughnuts are some of the best, but don’t miss their cannoli doughnuts or favorites that go great with the changing seasons, like their s’mores donut. Best of all, Mac’s doughnuts aren’t overly sweet, so you won’t feel gross after eating one—or much more than one! More info here. 

3. Duck Donuts’ Cinnamon Sugar with Vanilla Drizzle

Delicious Donuts in Pittsburgh

Sure, they’re new to the Pittsburgh scene but if you’ve ever vacationed or visited south of the city, they are in abundance. The make your own doughnut shop is perfect for those who love aspects of different doughnuts but wished they’d be put together. The Upper St. Clair grand opening was July 29th. Be patient when headed to this doughnut shop, as sweets are made to order and nice and warm. More info here.

4. Oram’s Donut Shop’s Cinnamon Roll

Delicious Donuts in Pittsburgh

Oram’s has been around since 1938, back when donuts were a newfangled thing. Their cinnamon roll is a must try. They’re huge and full of just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar. These swirls of perfection are sold at the Beaver Falls location as well as multiple resellers around the area, including Soergel Orchards. More info here. 

5. Peace, Love & Little Donuts’ Far Out Mocha Donut

Delicious Donuts in Pittsburgh

The ’70s themed Peace, Love & Little Donut shops are perfect for when you really want a donut but not a whole one. The mini bites of happiness come in “Funkadelic” (frosting and toppings) and “Far Out” flavors (frosting only). A fan favorite is the mocha, which happens to pair wonderfully with an iced coffee on a hot summer day. More info here. 

6. Oakmont Bakery’s Bear Claw

Delicious Donuts in Pittsburgh

Sure, it’s technically not a “donut” but boy is it amazing! The Pittsburgh favorite is home to all kinds of sweets but their bear claw paired with a tall, piping hot cup of coffee is absolutely amazing. Drizzles of icing add just enough sugary sweetness and a nutty filling. The bear claws are absolutely huge and only $1.50, making for an incredibly great deal. More info here.

7. Big Daddy’s Donuts’ Apple Fritter

Delicious Donuts in Pittsburgh

Big Daddy’s in Crafton is where you can get an absolutely amazing apple fritter. Enjoy light and airy dough paired with a perfectly sweet apple filling—think of it like a glazed donut with a pleasant apple surprise in the middle. Big Daddy’s is open every day from 6 a.m. until 3 p.m., so grab that doughnut fix early! More info here. 

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