In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, we put together a list of ways your dad influences your everyday life. From the obvious to the not-so-obvious, we hope you enjoy this list! Happy Father’s Day to all of our Pittsburgh Beautiful fathers, grandfathers and father figures!

1. Any restaurant that doesn’t carry Heinz is dubbed “shady.”

Pittsburgh Beautiful Father

Growing up, stopping at any rest stop eatery or trying any new restaurant that doesn’t carry Heinz products (or at the very least Heinz Ketchup) was dubbed shady and you never ate there again, no matter how good the food was.

2. You turn on the heat only for special occasions.

Pittsburgh Beautiful Father

Grandma is coming to visit? You finally can come out from underneath those seven blankets.

3. You leave church early to beat the Eat N’ Park/Bruegger’s Bagels/your bakery of choice crowds

Pittsburgh Beautiful Father

My dad used to time Sunday bagel pickup during certain Masses to avoid crowds. Your dad may have hustled your family out of church early Sunday mornings to get your favorite table at Eat N’ Park before someone else snagged it.

4. Forbidden cities include Baltimore, Cincinnati and now, Nashville

Pittsburgh Beautiful Father

Any city that disrespects our sports teams are known to dads from Pittsburgh as forbidden. Have a significant other from those cities? You might as well not even try—or lie about their birthplace!

5. You mispronounce or change the names of everything

Pittsburgh Beautiful Father

This is especially something that gets worse as you age. Your child’s best friend Johnny becomes Jimmy, Taylor Swift becomes Tina Smith, the list can go on and on and on.

6. You always remind everyone how much better things were when you were young

Pittsburgh Beautiful Father

On visits to Kennywood: “We didn’t have any of these crazy coasters! There was actually a Ferris Wheel!” On local bars: “There was none of this artisan, vegan, gluten-free stuff! We drank IC Light in plastic cups for pennies! It tasted like pennies too!” On your children’s school: “Back in my day, no one was allergic to anything! We got a bad grade we got busted big time by dad, we never blamed the teacher!” This also gets worse as you age.

7. Your idea of a fancy night out is the local Applebee’s

Pittsburgh Beautiful Father

You are just not into the gourmet, fancy restaurants popular right now. You want big portions, good prices and food you can pronounce.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Pittsburgh Beautiful Fathers out there!

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