Pittsburgh Suburbs: Shaler

A Brief History of Shaler

History of Shaler

Shaler is a township just north and east of the city of Pittsburgh.  Bordering Shaler Township are Hampton Township, Indiana Township, O’Hara Township, Sharpsburg, Etna, Pittsburgh, Millvale, Reserve Township, and Ross Township. The history of Shaler starts with traders settling in the area by the mid-18th century. The most prominent name around that time was George Croghan, who came in the early 1740s. The most famous trading post in Shaler around the 1750s, was the Pine Creek trading post. At the post, Europeans traded fur and skins with Native Americans from the Ohio Valley. The second settlement in the area was called Girty’s Run. The village of Glenshaw, which is now at the center of Shaler Township, began with a log sawmill built by John Shaw, Sr. Shaw bought 600 acres north of Pittsburgh and it was called Shaw’s Glen, hence the present day name of Glenshaw. March 20, 1845 brought a new petition for a brand-new township formed from parts of Ross and Indiana Townships. After years of discussion, the township was ultimately named Shaler, after Charles Shaler, a mid-19th century Pittsburgh judge.

Facts about Shaler

History of Shaler

From 1907 through 1931, the Interurban Pittsburgh and Butler St. Railway went directly through Shaler, linking it with the city and Butler County. After World War II, Shaler became a more affluent suburb with city residents migrating out to the township. Shaler and Ross Township were one of the first few Pittsburgh suburbs to modernize themselves and become what is now known as the North Hills. Shaler is primarily a residential community.

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  1. David Waraksa

    Grew up in Stoneridge sub division on bluestone drive. We had the ballfield in our back yard. It was like the movie “Sandlot” growing up there. Fall Run park came years later after they developed everything around it. We used to dirt bike ride all through the valley down to the falls. Sometimes swim under the falls. Thanks for the memories.

    1. Lisa Uddstrom

      I grew up in Shaler went to the Shaler schools I loved living there! Great neighborhood where my dad built our home off of Lorie Valley and Anderson Road.

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