Peace Anthem for Children

Peace Anthem for Children is played on the iRead2Know iHeartRadio Network, bringing a message of peace to its more than 150 million listeners.
Music/Lyrics By Nancy Hahn
Produced by Grammy Winner Sid Mills
Arrangement by Ulrich Ellison
Vocals by Paul Sanchez
Peace is possible!
Peace is powerful!
Peace is all around!
Let’s Make Our Dream Come True!
Peace is possible!
Peace is reachable!
Peace is unstoppable!
Let’s Make Our Dream Come True!
We are the Children of the World Make Peace!
Holding Hands Make Peace!
Take a stand Make Peace!
One and Two May Peace Be With You
Three and Four Let’s Open Doors!
Five and Six Don’t Throw Sticks!
Nine and Ten Make Peace Your Friend!
Love Will Win Out In The End!
Peace is Possible
Take my hand Make Peace