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Chris Klein

Chris Klein


Hi!  Thank you for helping to make Pittsburgh Beautiful!   That’s right…  it’s YOU who make it possible for our city and region to flourish.   Pittsburgh Beautiful, the podcast, is here to tell your story, one Pittsburgher at a time.  When I moved to this city in 1993 things weren’t looking so good.  But now, the tide has shifted, and Pittsburgh is once again on the rise.   The stories we tell of those who’ve spent their lives here, or those who decided to plant roots in the ground are the most important stories of all.  Join me as I walk through Pittsburgh, one story at a time!

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The stories of Pittsburgh, one at a time.  Listen anywhere you find podcasts, just search for Pittsburgh Beautiful.   You can also listen to the only Pittsburgh Podcast with an exclusive Alexa skill.  Just say “ALEXA, PLAY THE PITTSBURGH BEAUTIFUL PODCAST”!

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