THANK YOU iHeartRadio.   It’s an honor to be included in your podcast lineup!
I first met Nancy Hahn, of iRead2Know radio on iHeart media, on LinkedIn. I am always looking for great stories to tell, and when I found her… let’s just say that her credits are numerous, and her accomplishments are amazing.   Too many to list here, so I’d suggest listening to this podcast and checking out her LinkedIn profile right here.
So I reached out to Nancy about the opportunity to tell her story on the podcast and she accepted.
An imaginary artist, singer, dancer and songwriter since she was a child, Nancy went on to tutor a few of Pittsburgh’s greatest sports legends in… ballet.  I’d just call it a career right there, take my trophy and go home.  Not Nancy.   She decided she’d start a television station (WNEU), run it 24 hours a day and create programming, literature and compose music for many children’s shows, songs, characters and stories.   For like 25 years.   So now it’s time to take home trophy #2 and call it a pretty good run, right?
Nope.  Not Nancy.   Why not start a 24 hour internet radio channel for children (iRead2Know) and pitch it to the largest streaming and podcast service in the country.   Why not?   Oh… and then find a niche for Indie artists and spin off a channel on the same service (American Busker Radio).   Bravo, Nancy.  Bravo.
“Women have to jump higher, run faster, think quicker and leap over…Backwards in high heels! Luckily I was a Ballerina before becoming an entrepreneur in a 95 Percent white male dominated industry. And yes, the endless scrutiny. If you stay around long enough, it eventually stabilizes for the better.” – Nancy Hahn
Pittsburgh certainly has a unique and rustic history.   I love the initiative and grittiness of the citizens of this region.  The innovation, the willingness to take risks in a world that you know nothing about, but fascinates you and the perseverance that enables dreams to come true.   Thanks for your creativeness and your efforts, Nancy.  You pave the way for those in your footsteps.