There’s been some buzz surrounding Pittsburgh’s Down Town area in the last couple years.   A lot of it revolves around all of the new restaurants popping up on various corners.   Eddie V’s is one of those places.  On the corner of Grant Street and Fifth Avenue, it’s location is prime for anyone driving down town.   So…  to say that I’ve driven by it a couple hundred times while travelling through Pittsburgh would be an understatement.

My wife, Lauren, is not a seafood fan (actually, she has an allergy to shell fish, so it’s more because of that than not appreciating it)…  so when she decided that we would have dinner at Eddie V’s, I was a little suprised, but…  always a chance to spend a little quality time together and have a good meal… so, reservations made.

Before you read any further, I’m going to tell you up front that because of that allergy, we rarely order any sort of seafood dish… thus, this review of Eddie V’s in Pittsburgh is geared more toward the “turf” version of their menu.   When I go back (spoiler… I will go back), I will try some of the delectable seafood dishes on their menu.

Parking can be an issue down town, but Eddie V’s has that covered with valet service available on Fifth Avenue.   You can wait for your car after the meal in the lobby of the Union Trust Building, which is beautiful by the way.

Our reservations were on Saturday night, the day after Valentine’s day.  They were late – 8:45 PM.   We like late dinners.   Eddie V’s, however, was hopping.   We were immediately greeted by the friendly staff, and since our table was not quite ready, they sat us in the bar to enjoy the ambiance and the live music.   The bar and lounge were busy and everyone was attentive to our needs… it only took about 10 minutes and our table was ready.

eddie v's pittsburgh restaurant review

The Bar at Eddie V’s In Pittsburgh

eddie v's pittsburgh restaurant review

The Dining Room at Eddie V’s in Pittsburgh

Eddie V’s Appetizer

Signature Steak Tartare

Our server was super friendly and happy to be there…  the energy in the dining room was great and everyone seemed to be enjoying their meals.   If you’re looking for a quiet place for an intimate dinner, Eddie V’s is not the place.   We loved the energy there, however.   Our bread came out quickly as we ordered coffee and water (our two favorite drinks) and I placed my appetizer order… The Signature Steak Tartare.   I’m a meat eater… and I’ve always loved Steak Tartare (since I saw Gordon Gekko have it delivered to Bud Fox in the original Wall Street).    Eddie V’s version of steak tartare is prepared table side and is a hand copped filet with fresh egg yolk, capers and extra virgin olive oil.

eddie v's pittsburgh restaurant review

Signature Steak Tartare at Eddie V’s Prime

The table side presentation was nice, and the flavors hopped right off of the plate.  As I indicated earlier, I’m a huge steak tartare fan and judge alot of the restaurants I review based on this dish alone.  It has to be fresh and full of flavor.   Eddie V’s steak tartare delivered.

Eddie V’s Main Course – Signature Dish

Bacon Wrapped Filet “Oscar Style”

It was entree time, and I ordered the Bacon Wrapped Filet “Oscar Style” with King Crab.  If you don’t know what “Oscar Style” is… it’s a hand cut steak cooked to order covered with crab meat and bearnaise sauce.   My favorite way to eat a steak.  The dish was accompanied by grilled asparagus.  I like steak on the rare side,   Pittsburgh Rare, actually.  For a description of what a Pittsburgh Rare steak is check out this article on Pittsburgh Rare.  If you’re primarily a steak person, like me,  try this article on the best steaks in Pittsburgh.  Anyway… I ordered mine Pittsburgh Rare, and it was delivered more on the “regular” rare side… but that’s ok.  It was delicious.   The steak came with a heap of king crab smothered in the bearnaise sauce.   The portion was perfect and the sauce was flavorful with the right amount of crab/sauce/bacon and steak in each bite.  Lauren tells me I eat too fast… how can you not when it tastes this good?  The asparagus was perfectly grilled and seasoned.  Over all, the dish was great… especially for a prime seafood joint.

eddie v's pittsburgh restaurant review

Bacon Wrapped Filet Oscar Style

Double Breast of Chicken

Lauren ordered the double breast of chicken at Eddie V’s.   It’s served with roasted mushrooms, shallots and natural jus.   The chicken was cooked perfectly, and the roasted mushrooms and jus were just enough to add to the moistness and flavor of the dish.   My bite was very tasty.   Again, a great chicken dish at what touts itself as a prime seafood restaurant.

eddie v's pittsburgh restaurant review

Double Breast of Chicken

Au Gratin Cheddar Potatoes

We love cheesy potatoes.  Of course, that’s the simple way of describing just about any side order of potatoes… they almost all come with some sort of cheese, au gratin or not.   This dish of au gratin potatoes was absolutely delicious.  Actually, the highlight of the meal.  The cheese sauce was perfectly melted, and it was crispy in all the right places on top.   A show-stopper for sure.   As usual, this side is made for two… or more.  We took it home.

eddie v's pittsburgh restaurant review

Au Gratin Cheddar Potatoes

Eddie V’s Dessert

Dark Chocolate and Crushed Toffee S’Mores

Lauren ordered the dark chocolate and s’more dessert off of their menu.  Made with toasted homemade marshmallow, it tastes just like it sounds.  Delicious.  We actually got dessert to go…  our usual habit.   She like’s to eat dessert and fall asleep… who doesn’t?  The dish was perfectly sized.   About a 2×2 inch square.   Not too much, and actually just enough.   I must admit that I didn’t get a chance to taste it… but Lauren is somewhat of a “dessert aficionado”, and she love it… so…  ‘nough said.  Unfortunately, I was unable to snap a picture of this one.   I was too slow.

Our conclusion about Eddie V’s in Pittsburgh…   it’s a great place.   The atmosphere is up beat, the staff is courteous and friendly and the ambiance is what you expect in an upscale chop house or seafood restaurant.   Remember, I’ll be back at Eddie V’s sometime soon to do a review of their seafood dishes, so stay tuned.  Here is where you can find Eddie V’s online.

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Here is a shot of Lauren relaxing as we wait for the valet to get our car in the Union Trust building, and one of the view of the Allegheny County Courthouse from the corner.

eddie v's pittsburgh restaurant review

Lauren Relaxing In the Union Trust Building


eddie v's pittsburgh review

The Allegheny County Courthouse from the Entrance to Eddie V’s Prime Seafood in Pittsburgh

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