A History of Cheswick

Cheswick is named after a town in England. The history of it begins with the Keen family. Archie Pillow (also referred to as Pillar) inherited land from the Keen family, the land where Cheswick is today. The level land near the river was used as farmland originally. Early names for Cheswick included Pillows, Stewarts, Albertsons and more. One of the first industries in the area was Penwick Distillery. In the early days of the neighborhood, children went to school near Deer Creek in Harmar Township. Later, a school was built in the area. One of the worst mining disasters in US history was at the Harwick Mine in Cheswick on January 25, 1904, killing nearly 200 men.

Facts about Cheswick

Cheswick is just .6 square miles and a borough in Allegheny County. Its three land borders include Harmar Township, Springdale Township and Springdale Borough. Adjacent to Cheswick just across the Allegheny River is Plum. As of the 2000 census, there were just under 2,000 living in the community with over 50 percent of them married couples. The biggest age group represented in Cheswick are seniors age 65+. Cheswick Borough has an official website, cheswick.us, where they advertise upcoming events and announcements for the area. Some recent ones include how to report streetlight outages and an annual drinking water quality report.

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  1. You mention Springdale Twp in your write up of Springdale Borough and Cheswick Borough, yet you do not have a listing for Springdale Twp.

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