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Pittsburgh food is on the rise!  There are the classics… and then there are those that you have to seek out.  What better way to find great Pittsburgh food than starting at the beginning of the alphabet.  Say it with us now–A is for almond torte, B is for Big Macs, C is for city chicken…

We challenge you to eat your way through this list of the greatest Pittsburgh foods from A to Z. Happy eating!

Almond torte

Prantl’s is delicious.

Big Mac

The creator of the Big Mac was from Pittsburgh.

City chicken

The Polish American dish is popular in the ‘burgh.

Dippy eggs

There’s nothing better than the Pittsburgh breakfast staple.

Eggs from Deluca’s Diner

Their farm fresh eggs, meat and homefries are amazing.

Fries on salads

In Pittsburgh, fries on salads are a delicacy.


Mad Mex’s Thanksgiving staple is one to try at least once.

Heinz Ketchup

It’s Heinz or the highway!

Isaly’s chipped ham

Chipped ham from Isaly’s is sheer perfection.

Jelly donuts from Oakmont Bakery

Photo by Gretchen McKay | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The raspberry filled ones are divine.


We love our Polish cuisine in Pittsburgh.

Lemont views

Dining at the Lemont is great, even if it’s just for the views.

Mancini’s Bread

The Mancini family are the only family we trust with Italian bread.

Nuts from Pennsylvania Macaroni Company

They make delicious nuts to snack on at the Strip District.

At One Time: Original Hot Dog Shop Hot Dogs

Part of initiating yourself into the Pittsburgh fold is a late-night O hot dog in Oakland.  The O is now closed, but we can still taste the fries, hotdogs and pizza!

Primanti’s sandwich

Not only do we put fries on salads, we put them on sandwiches too!

Qdoba chips and queso

Qdoba may be a chain, but their chips and queso in Pittsburgh locations are great.

Rolls of the pepperoni variety

Pittsburghers are a big fan of pepperoni rolls. The ones sold at high school football games are extra delicious.

Smiley cookie

Eat N’ Park’s smiley cookies are something every Pittsburgher should have at least once in their lives.

T‘s Pierogies

Mrs. T’s Pierogies are a Pittsburgh staple. There’s also the Pittsburgh pierogi race of course!

Umami’s Noodles

The fun, festive Japanese restaurant serves up amazing ramen and udon noodles.

Vanilla Milkshake from Milkshake Factory

Milkshake Factory’s milkshakes with vanilla ice cream are divine.

Wigle Whiskey

The distillery serves up great whiskey and also offers tastings and tours.

PiXie Stix from Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop

The locally owned candy shop is stocked floor to ceiling with treats.

Yogurt of the frozen variety at Sincerely Yogurt

Yep… you can satisfy that sweet tooth in a “more healthy” way at Sincerely Yogurt.


Everyone knows Pittsburgh does fried zucchini best.

There is so much here to chew on… it’s impossible to decide.  For help with that, you can find the best Pittsburgh restaurants here in our ulitmate guide!

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  1. Interesting, all of them. I lived in Pittsburgh, twice, in the 80s and loved it. What I found also in Pittsburgh were “elephant ears”. I remember them, as well as Jumbo baloney, which also was not mentioned here.

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