East Allegheny, also known as Deutschtown, is a neighborhood on the North Side of Pittsburgh.  It is bordered by the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Troy Hill, Spring Garden, Spring Hill, Fineview, Central North Shore, Allegheny Center and the North Shore.

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The year 1783 saw the establishment of a 3000 acre area of land north of the Allegheny where it meets to form the Ohio River by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  This was the original area, planned by John Redick, for Allegheny City.  A common grazing area became a park, and the area east of the park became East Allegheny.


Development of the area began in the mid 1800’s with mostly German immigrants settling in the area, resulting in the name “Deutschtown” being adopted.  The settlers created a business district still vibrant today, on East Ohio Street and the residential area, from Cedar Street to the south.


The National Register of Historic Places labeled Deutschtown and East Allegeny as a historic district in 1984.  It is also a City of Pittsburgh Historic District.  Historic attractions such as the Priory Hotel, and it’s proximity to the North Shore (including Heinz Field, PNC Park and Stage AE) make this area a magnet for visitors to the City.  Recently areas such as the Mexican War Streets and other redevelopment have sparked an renewed interest in East Allegheny.


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