Ah, breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day, right? Come to Pittsburgh and you will soon find out that is indeed a true statement. From pancakes to waffles and everything in between, here are seven great breakfasts in Pittsburgh you’ll need to try as soon as possible! Find out more about each item by clicking on the title!

1. The Pancakes at Pamela’s 

Great Breakfasts in Pittsburgh

Pamela’s oversized hotcakes are a must-try. There’s of course the traditional kind with maple syrup and butter, but there’s also banana walnut, chocolate chip banana, strawberry and blueberry flavors. Yum!

2. The Almost Famous Breakfast Sandwich at Eggs-R-Us

Great Breakfasts in Pittsburgh

This sandwich will be “almost” famous no more after you try it. Enjoy two farm-fresh eggs on thick grilled Italian bread with bubbly melted cheese and crispy bacon or your choice of ham, hot or sweet sausage. The cozy diner goes through 550 eggs per day in their generous portions.

3. The Wet Judy at Don’s Diner

Great Breakfasts in Pittsburgh

Don’s Diner is in an unusual location—underneath Ohio River Boulevard. Its staff sports t-shirts that call it the best kept secret in “da burgh.” Order a Wet Judy and you’ll see why. The satisfying sandwich includes two slices of Italian bread toasted with a slice of American cheese on top. Add in your choice of meat and hash browns and a couple dippy eggs. You’ll be back for a second before you know it!

4. The Benny at Waffles, Incaffeinated

If you like classic Eggs Benedict but love sweet tastes at breakfast, you’ll need to stop by any of the breakfast joints three locations in Pittsburgh for a “Benny.” Think classic Eggs Benedict, with two poached eggs, ham and hollandaise sauce but on top of a waffle. Add in some fresh crab meat and you’ll be at Waffles, Incaffeinated every weekend!

5. The Frittata at Bluebird Kitchen

Great Breakfasts in Pittsburgh

For a mere $7, you will be instantly transported to frittata heaven. A slice of this goodness includes savory sausage, potatoes, tomatoes and goat cheese with ciabatta bread. Grab a smoothie on the side for some sweet deliciousness and a fairly well-balanced meal.

6. Hot and Fresh Doughnuts at the Grand Concourse

Great Breakfasts in Pittsburgh

Not only do they smell fabulous, the doughnuts that pop out of the Grand Concourse’s doughnut machine are to die for. Pair a hot doughnut with some coffee or tea and you’ll be winning at breakfast. Did you know you can rent the machine for your next event too?

7. Gluten and Dairy-Free Eclairs at Gluten-Free Goat Bakery & Café

Great Breakfasts in Pittsburgh

For all you readers out there who are gluten free for various reasons, the Gluten-Free Goat Bakery & Cafe has some pretty amazing treats for you. Their chocolate eclairs are dripping in delicious melted chocolate and are baked to perfection.

8. The Mixed Grille at Nadine’s on the Southside

Nadine's Southside

For a hearty breakfast with little effort (the fork does the work for you) order the Mixed Grille at Nadine’s on 27th street in the Southside.   The coffee is delicious, the atmosphere is welcoming and the food is… well…  perfect.  You can see more about Nadine’s right here.

If it’s past your normal breakfast time, you can find just about anything you want for any occasion with our Ultimate Guide to the Best Restaurants In Pittsburgh!

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