4 More Pittsburgh Summer Festivals to Check Out

Pittsburgh Summer Festivals

There’s so much to do in Pittsburgh we couldn’t fit it into just one post. Here are five more festivals you’ll definitely want to check out this summer. From Italian food festivals and everything in between, you’ll want to start filling up your calendar today! Here’s a few more Pittsburgh Summer Festivals you shouldn’t miss!


1. Bloomfield’s Little Italy Days

Pittsburgh Summer Festivals

Enjoy authentic Italian food at this delicious festival in August. Bloomfield is still home to many Italians, and homemade food is cooked for attendees. You’ll find piping hot pizza, warm and crusty garlic bread and yummy cannoli and more. There’s even a live Bocce tournament and music. August 17th through the 20th, more information HERE.

2. Picklesburgh

Pittsburgh Summer Festivals

It’s true, we devote an entire weekend to pickles. The tagline of this festival is “What’s the big dill?” The Clemente Bridge transforms into “Picklesburgh” and a highlight is a giant flying Heinz pickle balloon (by the same guys who do Macy’s and Disney parades). Enjoy a culinary celebration of prepared dishes, artisan cocktails and more. July 28-29th, more information HERE.

3. Pittsburgh Comedy Festival

Pittsburgh Summer Festivals

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Sasheer Zamata will headline the festival of all things funny. The tagline for this hilarious few days is “funny n’at.” Stand-up comedians and improvisers will participate in the 4-day festival. August 23rd-27th, more information HERE.

4. Pittsburgh Festival Opera

Pittsburgh Summer Festivals

Don’t miss the last of the Pittsburgh Festival Opera on July 7th with Sweeney Todd. PFO presents both old and new works, innovative opera and more for the widest possible audience. The company focuses on diversity and crossing boundaries to bring talent together for the arts. Ends July 23 (Sweeney Todd closes July 22); more information HERE.

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  1. You can catch all of Pittsburgh Festival Opera through July 23! SWEENEY TODD closes on July 22 and there’s much more on pittsburghfestivalopera.org

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