4 Weekend Adventures around Pittsburgh

Weekend Adventures around Pittsburgh

Tired of your same old summer hangouts? You’ll want to bookmark this post for ideas on where to spend the next few weekends of this glorious summer. From wildflowers to delicious hole-in-the-wall barbecue joints, we’ve got you covered so you’ll never be bored this summer.  Here are 4 weekend adventures around Pittsburgh for you to consider!

1. Explore Pittsburgh’s abundant wildflowers.

Weekend Adventures around Pittsburgh

In Raccoon State Park lies an absolutely breathtaking wildflower trail. The Wildflower Reserve is perfect during all seasons (except winter of course) and stretches over 300 acres. The longest trail in the reserve is just over a mile and a half. The reserve is home to over 700 plant species. Also, Simmons Farm in McMurray is home to a wildflower field that literally will take your breath away. You can create your own bouquet by carefully cutting your own flowers. For more information on the reserve click HERE and for more information on Simmons Farm click HERE.

2. Take a road trip to Moraine State Park.

Weekend Adventures around PittsburghEscape the city and take in a day at Moraine State Park in Portersville. The 17,000-acre park includes a beach to the north and south of the park and also offers sail boating or kayaking. There’s also bird watching, golf and rental cabins lakeside if you wish to stay overnight. For more information on Moraine State Park click HERE.

3. Visit the Stone Villa Wine Cellars.

Weekend Adventures around PittsburghJust an hour outside Pittsburgh lies the Stone Villa Wine Cellars in Acme, PA. The winery boasts over 20 different wines. Picnic lunches are available on the patio as is live entertainment. The employees are also super helpful with any wine-related questions you have. Their website also has some pretty delicious sangria recipes posted at the moment. For more information on Stone Villa Wine Cellars click HERE.


4. Pay a visit to the Big Mac Museum.

Weekend Adventures around Pittsburgh

It’s true, there’s a museum dedicated to the iconic sandwich in the Pittsburgh area. The Big Mac Museum sits almost randomly along a highway in North Huntingdon, looking seemingly out of place amidst the new retail that has popped up. You can snap photos at the world’s largest Big Mac, measuring 14 feet high and 12 feet wide. For more information on the Big Mac Museum click HERE.


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