McConnells Mill State Park

McConnells Mill State Park

McConnells Mill State Park: A Natural Wonder Near Pittsburgh

Located in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, McConnells Mill State Park is a hidden gem covering an expansive area of 2,546 acres. Nestled in the heart of nature, the park is renowned for its breathtaking Slippery Rock Creek Gorge and its historical gristmill. With its picturesque landscapes, diverse recreational activities, and rich history, McConnells Mill State Park offers a unique experience for visitors of all ages.

A Glimpse into History

The history of McConnells Mill State Park dates back to the 19th century when Daniel Kennedy established a gristmill on Slippery Rock Creek in 1852. Unfortunately, the mill was destroyed by fire in 1868 but was promptly rebuilt. Ownership of the mill was later transferred to Thomas McConnell in 1875, who modernized it by replacing the waterwheel with water turbines and the grindstones with rolling mills. This transformation made McConnell’s Mill one of the pioneering rolling mills in the country. The mill processed various grains until its closure in 1928.

In 1942, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy took ownership of the land, and in 1957, McConnells Mill State Park was officially dedicated under the management of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). Today, visitors can explore the historical mill, which is open from Memorial Day through late September.

Exploring the Natural Wonders

McConnells Mill State Park

Slippery Rock Creek Gorge

The highlight of McConnells Mill State Park is undoubtedly the magnificent Slippery Rock Creek Gorge. Carved by the draining of glacial lakes thousands of years ago, the gorge boasts steep sides and a valley floor adorned with colossal boulders. The mesmerizing scenic beauty of the gorge makes it a popular spot for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

Hiking Trails

For those seeking outdoor adventure, McConnells Mill State Park offers a network of well-maintained hiking trails. These trails cater to various difficulty levels and provide stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. Here are some notable trails within the park:

  1. Hells Hollow Trail: This “easy” 0.5-mile hiking trail takes visitors through a picturesque forest to the restored lime kiln and Hells Hollow Falls. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature as you explore this enchanting trail.
  2. Kildoo Trail: Embark on a moderate 2-mile hiking trail loop along the banks of Slippery Rock Creek. The trail begins and ends at the McConnells Mill Covered Bridge, offering opportunities to witness the park’s natural beauty.
  3. Slippery Rock Gorge Trail: For experienced hikers, the Slippery Rock Gorge Trail is the ultimate challenge. This difficult trail, part of the North Country Trail, takes you through diverse geological areas, showcasing the park’s unique landscape.
  4. Alpha Pass Trail: This moderate 1.5-mile hiking trail is marked with blue blazes and is also part of the North Country Trail. Enjoy the scenic views as you follow the trail from the Alpha Pass scenic view to the Old Mill.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling

McConnells Mill State Park is a haven for rock climbing and rappelling enthusiasts. The park offers two designated areas for these activities: Breakneck Bridge and an area recommended for experienced climbers. With the proper equipment and expertise, visitors can challenge themselves on the park’s rugged cliffs and experience the thrill of scaling new heights.

Whitewater Boating

Adventure-seekers can embark on an exhilarating whitewater boating experience on Slippery Rock Creek. Rated as a Class II-III on the International Scale of River Difficulty, the creek presents an exciting challenge for boaters. The journey typically begins outside the park at the U.S. Route 422 bridge at Rose Point and concludes at Harris Bridge, passing through the park’s picturesque landscapes. Please note that boaters must wear United States Coast Guard-approved life jackets and are required to portage at the dam near the Old Mill.

Picnicking and Fishing

McConnells Mill State Park provides idyllic settings for picnicking and fishing. Spend a leisurely day with family and friends, enjoying a picnic amidst nature’s beauty. The park offers several picnic areas equipped with tables and grills, ensuring a comfortable experience for all. Additionally, Slippery Rock Creek is a haven for fishing enthusiasts, with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission stocking trout and bass in its waters.

McConnells Mill Heritage Festival

McConnells Mill State Park

Each year, McConnells Mill State Park hosts the McConnells Mill Heritage Festival on the last full weekend of September. The festival is a celebration of the park’s rich history, particularly the operational era of the Old Mill from 1852 to 1928. Visitors can witness artisans and craftspeople demonstrating their skills, participate in old-time games and crafts, and enjoy live musical entertainment. The festival also features mill tours, corn grinding demonstrations, a Civil War encampment, and a variety of food vendors.

Visiting McConnells Mill State Park

To visit McConnells Mill State Park, head north of Pittsburgh via I-79, near the intersection of PA 19 and US 422. The park is open year-round from sunrise to sunset, offering visitors ample time to explore its wonders. Limited parking is available for people with disabilities near the historic mill. Interpretive tours of the mill, conducted by knowledgeable staff or volunteer docents, are available at scheduled times. For group tours, please contact the Moraine Park office in advance.

Plan your visit to this beautiful state park and immerse yourself in the beauty of its natural wonders, delve into its rich history, and embark on thrilling outdoor adventures. Experience a unique blend of tranquility, excitement, and heritage that McConnells Mill State Park has to offer.


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