A Brief History of Beechview

history of Beechview

Located on the Southwestern side of Pittsburgh, the history of  Beechview begins with it being founded over 100 years ago in 1905. Pittsburgh’s rail system allowed the settling of the area. The area’s economy took a turn for the worse in the late ’90s but has since recovered—things like being convenient to the trolley and new businesses have certainly helped!  There are currently plans underway to redevelop many of Beechview’s properties.  Beechview is bordered by Brookline, Banksville, Ridgemont, Duquesne Heights and Mt. Washington.

Facts About Beechview

history of Beechview

The Broadway-Beechview Avenue intersection forms what many call the center or “spine” of the area. Almost all of the retail and religious institutions are along these streets. The Seldom-Seen Greenway is a popular spot for outdoorsy types, with it being the last bit of not developed land in the city. Notable schools in the neighborhood include Beechwood Elementary and Brashear High School.

The hilly terrain of Beechview is still traversed by streets that follow a grid pattern… such that some of them are extremely steep.  Canton Avenue, in Beechview, is considered to be one of the steepest streets in the United States, with a 37% grade!

The neighborhood is experiencing the beginnings of the renaissance happening throughout the Pittsburgh region.  The history of Beechview is as critical as most of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods are to the development, history and future of this proud city.