A Brief History of Brighton Heights

history of Brighton Heights

Brighton Heights, located in the Northside, is on a hill overlooking the Ohio River. The neighborhood is adjacent to communities like Bellevue and Ross Township, both considered more suburban. It also is bordered by Perry North and Marshall-Shadeland. The main gateway into the neighborhood, Brighton Heights Boulevard, is located across from the McKees Rocks Bridge. It’s accessible off of Ohio River Boulevard. The history of Brighton Heights begins mostly with German immigrants, however, Brighton Heights is now quite diverse.

Fast Facts About Brighton Heights

history of Brighton Heights

Since Brighton Heights is home to houses with a variety of quality architecture, it’s featured often on Pittsburgh’s house tours. The neighborhood was featured in the July 2006 issue of Pittsburgh Magazine in the article “No Place Like Home: 10 Neighborhoods You Need to Know About.” The community is lined with beautiful maple trees that are maintained by the city of Pittsburgh. There’s also a lot of recreational offerings like Riverview Park, Marmaduke Playground and more. The Davis Ave. Bridge has been the subject of controversy as of late—it used to connect Brighton Heights with Riverview Park but it’s since been torn down. Longtime residents of the neighborhood voiced their concerns about the unique transition to green space being eliminated. However, the bridge was in poor condition and needed to be removed. No plans have been made yet for rebuilding.

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