City of Pittsburgh neighborhood Brookline is a great place to enjoy lots of authentic and good food. You can also get healthy running the annual Brookline Breeze race or grab a good book or two at the Carnegie Library’s Brookline branch.

1. Grab tacos at Las Palmas

Things to do in Brookline

Las Palmas serves up authentic Mexican tacos, chorizos and burritos. Their taco stand is a must for Brookline residents, especially in the summertime. There’s fixins for every taste, from avocados, limes, salsa and more. For more information on Las Palmas click here.

2. Run the Brookline Breeze

Things to do in Brookline

The Brookline Breeze began 37 years ago in the early ’80s, when three Brookline community members had an idea to start a fitness event that encouraged being healthy and the Brookline community as a whole. Over the past years, the race has grown into one of the signature events on the city’s running calendar. For more information on the Brookline Breeze click here.

3. Pick up Mediterranean treats at Pitaland

Things to do in Brookline

Pitaland is home to all your delicious Mediterranean food cravings, from soft homemade pitas to crunchy pita chips. There’s also baklava and plenty of other delicious delectables like olives, seeds and nuts. Pitaland also caters with a full menu of salads, flatbreads, gyros and more. For more information on Pitaland click here.

4. Become a member of the Brookline branch of the Carnegie Library

Things to do in Brookline

The Carnegie Library in Brookline is a gorgeous branch of the chain. It has ample meeting space and lots of great activities for children. The library has been in the Brookline neighborhood since 1930. It’s the perfect option for summertime activities for all ages (particularly on a rainy day!). For more information on the Carnegie Library Brookline click here.

5. Take the kids to Brookline Memorial Park or Moore Park

Things to do in Brookline

Brookline residents are fortunate to have two city parks within their neighborhood. They can enjoy a multi-purpose ball field, batting cages, a DEK hockey rink and lots of open green space to run around in. For more information on the parks click HERE.


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