The Pittsburgh Beautiful Podcast – Traveling from New York to Pittsburgh for… Vacation?

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I would like to thank Scott Walters of Go Away Often Travel for his time on our first podcast.  In this interview, you will hear from someone who, even though the majority of there life was spent outside Pittsburgh, considers himself a Pittsburgher none-the-less.

Scott was born in Texas, moved to Butler, PA as a boy, lived there for 6 years and then moved to New York.  He returned in 1989 as a graduate student in CMU’s music department.  Moving back to a suburb of New York City, he has been a travel agent for the last 5 years, and regularly suggests and sends his clients from the big city here to Pittsburgh for a long weekend getaway.

On the podcast, hear why Scott thinks Pittsburgh is under-rated and undervalued, as well as what he suggests his clients visit while here.

Scott and his wife are the parents of 3 adopted children from China, perhaps a reflection of his upbringing as a young Pittsburgher?  I asked him to talk a little bit about his experience adopting.

How many Pittsburghers have you been around claiming to have either been AT the game for the Immaculate Reception, or watching it on the television?  Well… it was blacked out on local Pittsburgh TV, but Scott has an interesting twist…  was he at the game, did he watch it live… or is he just another one of those yinzers who were “there when Franco pulled it ahht”…

You can listen to the podcast right here – Make sure to subscribe as well for future episodes!

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  1. John Vagianos

    I was at the immaculate reception game on Dec 23, 1972.. i still have my ticket 🙂
    The most thrilling game i ever attended .. i am now 73 years old 🙂

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