Brighton Heights is a neighborhood in Pittsburgh with lots of great food. If you’re craving pizza and hoagies, there are lots of great choices. There are also seafood restaurants and lots of fun neighborhood bars. Here are five great places to eat in Brighton Heights.

1. Chubby’s Pizza & Hoagies

Restaurants in Brighton Heights

Chubby’s is your typical pizza place with lots of delicious pies and mouthwatering appetizers. There’s spicy cajun fries are amazing and there’s also popcorn chicken, hot cheese balls and for those looking to be just a bit healthier—breaded cauliflower. For more information on Chubby’s, click here.

2. Pittsburgh Fish & Chicken

Restaurants in Brighton Heights

If chicken and fish are some of your favorite foods, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy Wednesday wing specials, chicken and waffles, fish and chips and more. Homemade sides include items like coleslaw, fried okra and hush puppies. For dessert, the Oreo cheesecake is good. For more information on Pittsburgh Fish & Chicken, click here.

3. Jimmy Z’s Place

Restaurants in Brighton Heights

Taco Tuesdays, warm meatball sandwiches and more are at neighborhood favorite Jimmy Z’s. Jimmy Z’s kitchen is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. If you’re craving a club sandwich for lunch, their triple decker ham and turkey is amazing. For more information on Jimmy Z’s Place, click here.

4. Corky Nolan’s Miller’s Seafood House

Restaurants in Brighton Heights

Miller’s is home to seafood items (naturally) like shrimp or scallop scampi and catfish made to order. If you’re looking for Italian food with a seafood twist, a linguini with white clam sauce is offered. For lunch, a tuna salad and bacon club is tasty. For more information on Miller’s Seafood House, click here

5. Wiseguys Pizza

Restaurants in Brighton Heights

The tagline for Wiseguys is “We’ll make you a hoagie you can’t refuse!” playing off the iconic Godfather movies. They have been one of the most well-known pizzerias in Pittsburgh for the past 15 years. In addition to pizza and hoagies, there are calzones, sandwiches and wings on Wiseguys’ menu. For more information on Wiseguys Pizza, click here.

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