5 Great Restaurants in Carrick

Carrick is a close-knit neighborhood with lots of local and family-owned restaurants. Here are five great ones to try.

1. Sam’s Sun Sandwich

Restaurants in Carrick

Serving Middle Eastern and American food, Sam’s is home to some amazing gyros. The large gyro includes lamb and beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions with a cucumber sauce. For more information on Sam’s Sun Sandwich click here.

2. Nepali Asian Restaurant

Restaurants in Carrick

This buffet featuring drool-worthy Asian food serves up chicken momo, vegetable samosas, veggie chow mein and more. The chicken momo was recently featured in Pittsburgh Magazine. For more information on Nepali Asian Restaurant, click here.

3. Gary’s Restaurant

Restaurants in Carrick

Breakfast at Gary’s is like none other. There are pancakes the size of your head, thick cut bacon and fluffy eggs. A must-try is the Pittsburgh omelet with Mancini’s bread and home fries. For more information on Gary’s, click here.

4. Yinz Guys Pizza

Restaurants in Carrick

The locally owned and operated pizza shop does simple well—their plain cheese pizza has a thick and fluffy crust. Their hoagies are just as yummy, including their spicy buffalo chicken sandwich. For those who’d rather stick to salads, the grilled cajun chicken salad is a must. For more information on Yinz Guys Pizza, click here.

5. Frank & Shirley’s 

Restaurants in Carrick

Delicious dinner food is at Frank & Shirley’s. Breakfast items like a fluffy and amazing French toast or overstuffed banana pancakes are worth ordering, as are lunch items like bacon cheeseburgers and fries. For more information on Frank & Shirley’s, click here.

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