Halloween is almost here. Here are some fun Halloween costumes ideas inspired by the people and places of our wonderful city.

1. Sally Wiggin

Pittsburgh Halloween Costumes

Dressing up as the longtime WTAE anchor is a great way to pay homage to Wiggin’s decades-long career in Pittsburgh.
MATERIALS NEEDED: Bob haircut wig, brightly-colored shift dress, microphone

2. Pittsburgh Dad

Pittsburgh Halloween CostumesEveryone loves Curt Wootton and Chris Preksta’s version of a typical Pittsburgh Dad, with his oversized glasses and polo shirts. His videos are nostalgic bits of fun for everyone who’s ever grown up with a Pittsburgh Dad.
MATERIALS NEEDED: Oversized glasses, polo shirt, denim shorts, thick Pittsburgh accent

3. Andy Warhol

Pittsburgh Halloween CostumesAndy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh in 1928 and attended Carnegie Mellon. The leading artist in the visual art movement was well-known for his “pop art.”
MATERIALS NEEDED: white haired wig, oversized glasses, black turtleneck

4. Joe Manganiello & Sofia Vergara

Halloween CostumesA fun Pittsburgh couple’s costume idea especially for a guy who grew up in Pittsburgh and his new to town girlfriend. Joe Manganiello, who’s starred in such hits as True Blood and Magic Mike, has recently converted his wife, Modern Family star Sofia Vergara to be a Steelers and Pens fan. Manganiello of course grew up in Pittsburgh and attended Carnegie Mellon.
MATERIALS NEEDED: Man – beard, Steeler or Pens jersey, jeans, Woman – high heels, long brown haired wig, Steeler or Pens jersey

5. Myron Cope

Halloween CostumesEveryone’s favorite Steeler announcer (RIP) is a great Halloween costume to try. Pay homage to the first football announcer to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.
MATERIALS NEEDED: Button-down shirt and tie, khakis, terrible towels, catch phrases like “YOI!” and “DOUBLE YOI!”

6. Heinz Ketchup & Mustard Bottles

Halloween Costumes

Another couple’s costume idea, this one is easy. There are multiple websites that sell costumes for both adults and children that say Heinz on them. You could also make your own!
MATERIALS NEEDED: Red and yellow felt, fabric paint, Heinz logo to sketch out

7. Franco Harris

Halloween CostumesThe Steelers fullback who caught the Immaculate Reception is a fun Halloween costume idea. Harris was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1990.
MATERIALS NEEDED: Steeler jersey, black or yellow pants, football, beard

8. Dippy the Dinosaur

Halloween CostumesEveryone knows the iconic sculpture of Dippy the Dinosaur on Forbes Ave. near Schenley Plaza. Dippy the Diplodocus stands next to the entrances of the Carnegie Music Hall and the Carnegie Museum of Natural HIstory.
MATERIALS NEEDED: Green or gray fabric, or searching for one of the many dinosaur costumes online and in stores.

9. Mr. Rogers

Halloween CostumesMr. Rogers came into our homes on the TV and was a favorite among ’90s kids. Celebrate kindness and a sense of community by dressing like Mr. Rogers!
MATERIALS NEEDED: Khaki pants, red cardigan, tie, button-down

10. Dawn of the Dead Zombie

Halloween CostumesGeorge Romero’s Dawn of the Dead was shot at Monroeville Mall. Dress like one that terrorized the mall back in the ’78 movie.
MATERIALS NEEDED: Ripped or old clothing with dirt on it, zombie makeup, perfected zombie walk

11. Christina Aguilera

Halloween CostumesChristina Aguilera grew up in Wexford, PA before she made it to the Mickey Mouse Club and eventually to super-stardom. An easy Halloween costume would be to dress like Aguilera.
MATERIALS NEEDED: Bleach blonde wig, heavy makeup, sparkly top, tight pants, microphone

For a complete Halloween experience, dress up and visit these Haunted Attractions In Pittsburgh!


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