Bloomfield is home to a wide variety of restaurants with many staying true to the community’s Italian roots. Here are five restaurants to try next time you visit the neighborhood.

1. Tessaro’s American Bar & Hardwood Grill

Restaurants in Bloomfield

This laid-back bar and grill serves up gigantic burgers made from beef ground in-house. It stands apart in Bloomfield from the multitude of Italian restaurants with its overstuffed sandwiches and chicken dishes. If you’re really hungry, grab one of Tessaro’s dinners like filet mignon or New York strip or some pork chops. More information on Tessaro’s can be found HERE.

2. Alexander’s Italian Bistro

Restaurants in Bloomfield

If you’re looking for tradition and something to remind you of Bloomfield days of yore, Alexander’s is it. Fresh sauces, soups and desserts abound. Anything fried at Alexander’s is divine, including their fried zucchini and calamari. The chicken parmigiano is incredible too. More information on Alexander’s can be found HERE.

3. Sausalido

Restaurants in Bloomfield

This cozy BYOB bistro offers modern European food with some sidewalk seating too. Entrees include a cheesy ricotta ravioli, crab cakes, jerk chicken thighs and more. The restaurant was inspired by the community of Sausalito in Northern California and restaurant owner Mineo’s grandfather Lido. More information on Sausalido can be found HERE.

4. Ritter’s Diner

Restaurants in Bloomfield

Just on the southern edge of Bloomfield lies Ritter’s Diner. The old-fashioned restaurant serves up omelets, sandwiches and more. If you love restaurants that stay the same for years and adore nostalgia, Ritter’s is it. More information on Ritter’s can be found HERE.

5. Station

Restaurants in Bloomfield

Enjoy American fare with an Italian twist at Station. Grab lunch over one of their large salads like their asparagus and soft boiled egg, or roasted beet and chamomile yogurt with strawberry almond crumble, pickled onion and mustard greens. More information on Station can be found HERE.

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