A Brief History of White Oak

White Oak is a borough in Allegheny County. It got its name from a group of white oak trees near the site of the original town site. The neighborhood was originally part of Versailles Township. It took until March 1948 that a petition was signed for the formation of White Oak Borough. On June 24th of that same year, Judge Russell H. Adams signed the notice to incorporate the borough. The first building in White Oak was located at 800 Maple Street inside the old Bowery School.

History of White Oak

Facts about White Oak

White Oak is fairly big, spanning 6.7 square miles. It has five borders, North Versailles, North Huntingdon, South Versailles, McKeesport and Elizabeth. The borough actually has its own emergency department, including 12 full-time police officers and eight patrol cars. EMS services are also provided. White Oak is part of Pennsylvania’s 14th Congressional district and is represented by Michael F. Doyle in the House of Representatives.

History of White Oak

There are a large number of churches in White Oak for all religions. There’s a synagogue, Presbyterian church, Catholic church and Greek Orthodox church. There are two middle schools in White Oak—Francis McClure Middle School and Founders’ Hall Middle School.

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