A Brief History of Elliott

history of Elliott

Elliott is a small, hilly neighborhood in Pittsburgh located in the West End.  The history of Elliott began as a portion of the former Township of Chartiers. It was annexed to Pittsburgh at two separate times, the southern half in 1906 and the northern half in 1921. Elliott grew as a thriving neighborhood as it was very close to downtown Pittsburgh. Elliott also had direct access to several roads and streetcars. Unfortunately, in the second half of the 20th century, Elliott fell victim to industrial decline and everyone moving out to the suburbs.

Facts about Elliott

history of Elliott

Today, the West End Elliott Citizen’s Council is a group that is working to reverse Elliott’s population and business decline. The community is home to West End Park, an outdoor area deemed one of the city’s best-planned parks. There’s also the West End Overlook, located in Elliott, which went under a renovation as of late. There’s also a brand-new retirement home there, as well as churches and historic homes. The public elementary school there, Thaddeus Stevens Elementary, closed five years ago after 73 years of schooling. Older residents will be quick to share with newer ones Elliott’s former nickname—dogtown—because of the many residents who owned pets. There’s a street in Elliott with an interesting background. The name of the street is called Rue Grande Vue and is the address of some homes known as the “Ten Commandments.” The homes have a gorgeous view of the city skyline. Unfortunately one of the homes has been torn down, so only nine remain.  The history of Elliott stands with the history of Pittsburgh.

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  1. i grew up in Elliott on Elkton st. I used to sit on the rocks with a friend when it was called “the bluff” and watch the barges on the river. this was long before anyone discovered it was such a great place for a park! hope to get back there sometime soon.

  2. Had a friend that worked at a bakery that made donuts made a lot of trips there had a girl friend in West end down the hill lots of memories live in Richmond va now

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