A Brief History of Sheraden

history of Sheraden

Sheraden is a neighborhood in Pittsburgh with many surrounding neighborhoods, including Windgap, Chartiers City, Crafton Heights, Esplen and Elliott. The history of Sheraden begins with it’s naming after early settler William Sheraden, who gave up some of his land for the building of a railroad depot. In return he got naming rights for the neighborhood. The community was originally formerly brought into the area as a borough in 1894, but it grew extremely fast. It was annexed by the city of Pittsburgh over 100 years ago, in 1907. Just after that, the Public School Board of the city opened multiple educational buildings around Sheraden, like Langley High (completed in 1923).

Facts About Sheraden

history of Sheraden

William Sheraden’s original home is still in the neighborhood, located at 2803 Bergman St. The home stands out for its two sycamore trees that grow together to form an arch, which is related to the the legacy of Sheraden’s grandson, who was a horticulturalist. Wedding parties and couples headed to prom often stop there due to its romantic symbolism. Sheraden is also home to Sheraden Park, which includes a swimming pool, tennis courts, fields, basketball courts, play areas and picnic tables. Sheraden is skewed young, with the average age for males living in the area at 33.5 years and females 38.2 years. The history of Sheraden, as with other Pittsburgh neighborhoods, is part of the wonderful history of this region!

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